Mbappé, the enemy is Klopp

With the firm decision not to sign this summer, Real Madrid is working in the medium term, especially in the incorporation of Mbappé (21 years old) for the summer of 2021. The prestigious newspaper L’Equipe took the issue of the PSG player to its cover on Tuesday. Under the title “At all costs”, the newspaper elaborates an exact x-ray of how the forward's situation is, which to this day is still debated between the option of Madrid, the interest of Klopp's Liverpool, and it is not even ruled out that end up renewing with PSG if another successful season in Europe culminates.

A few dates ago the tabloid The Sunday Times published that Mbappé had already informed PSG that he had the firm intention of leaving in the summer of 2021. Unveil L’Equipe that neither the player nor PSG came out to deny the news because both parties expected the other to take the first step. The Parisian entity, in addition, walks with lead feet to manage the egos of its stars, especially Neymar, whom it also intends to renew. As for Mbappé, L’Equipe simply says, that he is not clear about what he wants to do.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Real Madrid has the great endorsement of having Zidane as coach. It is known that Mbappé wants to work at his orders, Zizou being the great idol of all that mixed-race soccer France that has led him to lift two World Cups. The problem is that it is not clear that Zidane himself will occupy the Madrid bench next season. On the other hand, Klopp's efforts to convince the young footballer and his family have been constant. “Telephone contact is fluid,” says L’Equipe, which also reveals that, in 2016, the German already wanted to sign him and that in 2017 Liverpool made an important move when one of its owners, Tom Hicks flew to Nice to have lunch with his father Mbappe trying to convince him to play at Anfield.

The truth is that Real Madrid was the one that first had the footballer closed after he exploded in Monaco with only 17 years. It was in 2017. As revealed by a Football Leaks leak, the transfer was agreed at 214 million with Monaco because Madrid was in charge of a tax from which they are exempt in France. That's why PSG ended up signing him for 180 million … Madrid let him go, according to the white club itself, because Mbappé wanted to collect 12 million euros net and that would have broken the salary scale of the squad (especially, being such a young player and without merits).

L’Equipe yesterday provided another news regarding Mbappé's contractual situation. He charges 21.4 million gross, which will become 25 if he is five years old when he signed with PSG (if, logically, he continues to play in the entity). Regarding possible destinations beyond Paris, L'Equipe reasoned: “Barcelona would definitely close the door to his dream of one day playing for Real Madrid, PSG, owned by the Emirate of Qatar, would never let he went to City, owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family, Juventus is not seducing him and Bayern is not willing, for the moment, to pay transfers of more than six zeros … ”.

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The Parisian newspaper says that Mbappé's family considered going to PSG as “an intermediate step to finish in a big one.” Negotiations for the renewal of the footballer by the Parisian club began in the time of Henrique Antero as sports director and have now continued with Leonardo. But they go slowly. AS has been reporting promptly on each of the times that Mbappé has rejected the renewal, said no to three proposals, and also Madrid's intention to wait until 2021 to sign him … Now, Klopp and the economic crisis derived from the coronavirus have everything up in the air. Meanwhile, Mbappé peels off the margarita.