Mbappé leaves Madrid with five keys still to be solved

The unexpected arrival of Kylian Mbappé with his guide Achraf to Madrid revolutionized the capital and exponentially increases both curiosity and speculation. But that presence of the crack in the territory of his notorious suitor does not serve, for the moment, to significantly accelerate the process of his signing. The white club maintains contact with him in an indirect way, and although the entity is so certain that he will arrive that it is even planning possible dates for his presentation, there are still edges to file or overcome

Photo by Kylian Mbappe

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

The first is PSG, who else? In Chamartín they expect a new twist from Nasser Al-Khelaifi, curiously also yesterday in Madrid playing almost cat and mouse with Mbappé, which borders on despair. It is not ruled out that it will be with an even better offer than the last one, which is already close to the orbit of the Moon. From France it is insisted that in the Parc des Princes they are working overtime mainly on another front, which is to offer you an ambitious sports plansomething that the 7 don’t see right now in your current team. Pochettino is a coach who has been viewed with mistrust due to his proximity to the Latin American nucleus of the dressing room (essentially Messi and Neymar) and having defined the name of a substitute, Joachim Löw and Thiago Motta leading the pools, is key to put it on Kylian’s table. A point nothing less considering the good vibes that the Madrid dressing room exudes around Ancelotti’s iconic cigar.

Image rights are being the tug of war in this final stretch of the soap opera. According to different contradictory sources, the position between Madrid and Mbappé on this point is uncertain. Fayza Lamari’s trip to Doha brought this important issue back to the table, because the economic part with Madrid (bonus and salary) is decided. Mbappé has decided to change the rules of the game and that the permanent center of gravity on his image is in his hands, not in those of the club or his national team. Something that a few days ago was a notice from the French Federation. “If he does not accept the way the selection works, he will not receive money,” they have warned him. Mbappé’s lawyer, Delphine Verheyden, is leading the tug-of-war with the Federation; She is also the one who monitors the issue of image rights and the footballer’s advertising and communication obligations in this negotiation with Madrid. PSG has been very lax, yielding in that aspect to please him (it will allow him not to go to Qatar next week for a sponsorship event) but Madrid prefers to treat this point very carefully.

The expected meeting in Madrid and the game with the times

From the surroundings of Mbappé a meeting with Madrid has been announced that, for the moment, has not been held. It would not be with him, it would be with his mother Fayza Lamari, the representative of his son legally ‘armed’ with Verheyden. The point is that at different times French media have reported that there are differences of opinion within the family. The father, Wilfried Mbappethe soccer part within his closest advisers because he was a player, orbit closer to PSG

Mbappé, in a PSG match.

The times, which are still in the hands of Mbappé, are also a delicate point. A personal announcement about his future is not expected next week at the gala of the French soccer players’ union in Paris, although there is some clearer indication of what decision he has in mind, but in the neighboring country there are also doubts that Mbappé will wait until the last game, on May 21 against Metz, to be the one to sour PSG’s farewell party in front of his people with a goodbye message.

Tourism in Madrid

Mbappé has left this morning after spending a day of tourism in the Madrid capital. El Golazo de Gol has captured the moment of his departure from the hotel.

Haaland, possible conflict resolved

Madrid has always clearly defined its line of action and the priority has been and is Mbappé. Haaland has demanded an unaffordable effort this summer (not so in 2023, as was White’s intention) but as it was an opportunity on the horizon, the club has worked on it, although it has run into obstacles that were not precisely Manchester City. Madrid can finalize the incorporation of Mbappé, although already budgeted, with more room.