Mbappé complies with the plan to sign for Real Madrid

The latest statements of Mbappé in which he assured that he would stay one more year in PSG have not caused the slightest astonishment at Bernabéu. The plan works as planned. Even better. Because as this newspaper has learned from sources familiar with the situation in Mbappé, the player is back to delay the last offer of renewal of the Parisian team that occurred just after the French championship was suspended. “Needed a little more time to think “was the answer. In return, to stay calm, Mbappé agreed to make these statements that clear any doubts about its immediate continuity. This does not affect Madrid, which will undertake its recruitment in the summer of 2021.

Was BeIn Sports, property also from state of Qatar, the chosen string for Mbappé to speak. “I'm here in paris and I want to be part of the project. I will be at PSG next season and I will try to win as many titles as possible. I am in the fourth year of the project. It is an important year since it is the Club 50th anniversary, it is an important year in the eyes of the team, of the fans, I will try win all the trophies possible and try to give the best of myself … “.

Without a doubt, a very different attitude from the one Mbappé had last summer, when he insinuated that I wanted to go: “I think it is time to take a increased responsibility. maybe in Paris I'm happy, but maybe somewhere else too with a new project. If I talk about this again it is too much. It was the message I wanted to send, “came the star, making jump tall alarms and even causing PSG to issue a harsh statement.

At the moment, it seems that the PSG has achieved channel the bad relationship between Mbappé and his coach, which had been very battered after two clashes between both this season for the episodes that happened before the Nantes and Montpellier, in which both had rifirrafes in public after two player substitutions. “For me it is a true honor direct to a footballer of the quality of Kylian Mbappé, “said Tuchel after learning the words of the star in which announced that he stays this season at PSG.

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Madrid's plan.

In the Madrid all these events are observed with absolute naturalness. He ideal time to bring it is the summer of 2021 and everything is directed (with the footballer's environment) to make it so. Furthermore, it contemplate the possibility of what Mbappé I ended up opting for the renewal option. It would not be a drama either, but this fact would make the operation more difficult. Or rather, the would be more expensive since the iMaintenance of the Mbappé family is that, in case of seeking the security of a renovation, it is included in the new contract a release clause that would allow the star go to Madrid (or any other team), for one determined amount of money. Something like the 222 million that took Paris to Neymar.

PSG another has been marked red line to let Mbappé go. It's the summer of 2022, after the dispute of the world to be held in Qatar. As this newspaper has been reporting, the PSG even leaked, through its sports director Leonardo, that it was willing to leave Mbappé without playing in his last year of contract (the season 2021-22) rather than letting go before completion. A clear pressure measurement so that it ends up renovating.

That scenario, that an agreement is reached so that Mbappé leaves in 2022 to go to Madrid, it is also good for the white entity. Florentine could enforce your good relationship with Al Khelaifi so that it would be so and make the signing of Mbappé coincide with the inauguration of the bernabéu after the reform.