Mazazo for Spain in Eurovision 2023: Blanca Paloma ends up in 17th place and as the least voted by the public

Sledgehammer for Spain. Despite the impeccable performance of Blanca Paloma in Eurovision 2023the singer from Elche finished in 17th position, out of 26 participating countries, hurt by the public vote, which barely gave the Spanish 5 votes.

Spain received 100 points in total. It has been ninth in the jury’s vote, with 95 points, and has received points from 21 countries: Latvia (8), the Netherlands (7), Moldova (3), San Marino (2), Azerbaijan (7), Belgium (6 ), Germany (7), Portugal (10), Croatia (6), Estonia (2), Armenia (6), Iceland (3), Serbia (3), Cyprus (6), Norway (1), Switzerland (3 ), Australia (4), Czechia (3), Slovenia (2), Albania (1) and United Kingdom (5).

So far everything was going well, but the surprise came when the Eurovision 2023 presenters they have announced the points awarded by the viewers, the damn televoting. Spain has been the least voted by the public, with only 5 votes. From the ninth starting position, Blanca Paloma has fallen to seventeenth. A jug of cold water that no one expected.

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Sweden has been the winner of Eurovision 2023 with the support of the jury and the televoting. Loreen, with the theme ‘Tattoo’, has taken the victory. It is the seventh triumph for the Nordic country and the second pair for the singer, after winning Eurovision in 2012 with the legendary song ‘Euphoria’.

After Sweden, which has won with a total of 583 points, Finland (526) has been in second position. Israel (365), Italy (350) and Norway (268) have completed the Top 5.

Only two victories for Spain in Eurovision and Chanel’s historic third place

Spain has only achieved victory in Eurovision on two occasions: in 1968 with Massiel’s ‘La, la, la’; and in 1969 with Salomé and ‘Vivo cantando’, a victory that was shared with three other countries. Throughout the history of the festival, Spain has also obtained some second places: Karina (1971), Mocedades (1973), Betty Missiego (1979) and Anabel Conde (1995).

In recent years, RTVE’s trajectory in Eurovision had been disastrous until the historic third place obtained by Chanel last year with ‘SloMo’, a result that could have been much better had it not been for the war in Ukraine that gave rise to victory for this country as a matter of popular solidarity.

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Before Chanel, Spain was in a hole from which it could not get out. Blas Cantó was ranked 24th the previous year (2021) and that was just the last slip in a bad streak that lasted for years with striking debacles: Miki Núñez (22), Alfred and Amaia (23) or Manel Navarro (last in square 26) are just a few examples.

This has been the performance of Spain in Eurovision 2023

White Dove has paralyzed Eurovision 2023 during the three minutes that his performance on the Liverpool stage lasted with the song ‘EaEa’, the proposal that Spain has presented this year to the popular contest to try to achieve a victory that has resisted since 1969 (Salomé, ‘Vivo cantando).

Throughout her performance, Blanca Paloma has once again demonstrated her great vocal and interpretive capacity. In addition to the artistic power of Blanca Paloma, Spain’s proposal has been wrapped in a careful staging to the millimeter, from the beginning, when Blanca Paloma appears surrounded by a giant curtain that represents her grandmother’s fringed cloak to empower herself through of her ancestors, until it ends, with an epic finale in which Blanca Paloma energetically faces an unknown future.

The lighting and the game of cameras and shots has been essential for a hypnotic performance, despite the fact that the BBC, the host channel, has been unable to reproduce some plans that the Spanish delegation demanded.

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Classification of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

2023: White Dove: 17

2022: Chanel: 3

2021: Blas Sang: 24

2019: Miki: 22

2018: Alfred and Amaia 23

2017: Manel Navarro: 26, last

2016: Bars: 22

2015: Snow: 21

2014: Ruth Lorenzo:10

2013: The Dream of Morpheus: 25, penultimate

2012: Pastora Soler: 10

2011: Lucia Perez: 23

2010: Daniel Diges: 15

2009: Soraya: 23, penultimate

2008: Chiquilicuatre: 16

2007: D’Nash: 20

2006: The Ketchups: 21

2005: Son de Sol: 21

2004: Ramón: 10

2003: Beth: 8

2002: Rosa: 7

2001: David Civera: 6

2000: Sebastian Zubiri: 18

1999: Lidia: 23, last

1998: Mikel Herzog: 16

1997: Marcos Lunas: 6

1996: Antonio Carbonell: 20

1995: Anabel Conde: 2

1994: Alexander Abbot: 18

1993: Eva Santamaria: 11

1992: Serafin Zubiri: 14

1991: Sergio Dalma: 4

1990: Brown Sugar: 5