Mayoral puts pressure on Jovic

It is not usual for a footballer to talk about one of the most reserved and respected corners of his sport, negotiations. Borja Mayoral (23 years old) has chosen to bypass these internal codes this Wednesday in his presentation with the Rome, revealing the details of the process that was developed for his assignment to the Italian team. Rebounding has left Jovic (22) in a bad place, still in white.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

“When I got to preseason, I was going to get out of the club fast, but Zidane wanted me to stay. I told him that he had to go out to have more opportunities. I think the club listened to Zidane and that's why they wanted to get Jovic out “, He began by explaining Mayoral, which he has delved further below: “Everything was done very late, but in the end I called his office (Zidane's) again and told him if he could let me out. I thought I would have more opportunities to play and grow with my football (…) “.

Jovic, two titles; Mayoral, none

Mayoral's words, on loan with the option to buy the next two seasons at Roma, they add more pressure to Jovic. The ex of the Eintracht happens to be seen publicly like the second option of Zidane As a replacement for Benzema, something that had been given some clues (Zizou himself recommended a loan) but that he had not found this confirmation in the eyes and ears of all, less still by the version of one of those involved.


While they coincided Mayoral and Jovic, the latter was a starter twice and added 129 minutes, and Borja could not access the starting eleven and had to settle for 23 minutes. The sensations that the bench aroused in him, with the Serbian ahead, made him suddenly rethink his situation. At the same time, despite the fact that it was zero against Levante, throughout those two days Jovic showed signs of improvement, although he still has a way to go … However, Madrid informed him when he was looking for a loan that if it continued it wouldn't be a problem at all. His objective, then, is to have real opportunities to forget the poor record of two goals and two assists in 806 minutes in his Madrid debut. And for that he needs Zidane, who asked for his signing …