May exams for De Paul

De Paul will start in Elche, Another good opportunity to show off. The Argentine arrived in July as star signing to improve the champion blockbut it has cost him a lot to show what he usually does offer with Argentina. In Atleti he has not finished taking over the site and now he has three games left to say goodbye to the first course with a good taste in his mouth.

Photo de De Paul

Since the last national team break, the Argentine has only been starter in two games out of eight. In the casting of midfielders he has been losing steam and Simeone has ended up trusting more in all the competition: Koke and Kondgobia clearly, Llorente with his versatility, Lemar and even Herrera, these last two weighed down by their injuries. But the coach, and also at the club, know the potential of the former Udinese player.

Siren songs from Italy

“The second year will be better”, say most of the voices inside the club about De Paul. The player has suffered a significant decline in his numbers. Last year, in Italy, left nine goals and eleven assists; in this one he has two of each. And his hierarchy in the field is not as expected. So he has remained on the bench in a few important gameslike the recent derby or the double duel against City.

In Italy he still has a very good poster (Inter wants him), but he has already reaffirmed, through social networks, his link with Atlético. But before thinking about the future, the midfielder has an opportunity to vindicate himself and close this season with good feelings. The fans and the coaching staff are waiting for the best De Paul.