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The ilicitano team stays at the gates of eighths after falling into a controversial penalty shootout against Athletic. The ilicitano team had two pitches to sentence after a balanced match in which it knew how to contain the harassment of its rival.

One of the plays of the match played at Martnez Valero

Athletic again. There was no possible revenge for the final of 69 because of the penalties' lottery, to which Elche had been entrusted after 120 minutes of delivery and resistance. The whole of Pacheta had it in his hand, since he had two pitches to close the classification, but he accused the fear of winning and Athletic, a great, did not forgive him.

The cruel farewell of the tournament, dotted with controversy over Herrern's performance on penalties, cannot spoil a great game of the Ilicitano team, which despite the rotations face the whole of Gaizka Garitano. Athletic, also with new faces in its lineup, was very blurred during much of the match, in which I returned to show its enormous problems for the goal.

And that everything was put in front of the Vizcano team in minute 4, when Wiliams took advantage of a ball into space to exploit its speed and beat San Romn. The much sowed doubts in the behind of Elche, to which the quarryman Nacho Pastor, who went from less to more. Shortly after, the Athletic striker, after a defensive error, was about to make the second.

Garitano's group felt so comfortable that he relaxed, which took advantage of the Elche to stretch and peek into the area of ​​Herrern. Josan carried the weight of the offensive game and little by little the local team began to grow. Pere Milla stroked the tie with a distant shot that the Basque goalkeeper took from the corner. But Herrern could not avoid, moments later, the equalized, work of Fidel after a new play of fantasy of Josan, already near the rest.

Better Athletic after passing through the locker room, with Muniain already n the field greasing the game between the lines, although beyond distant shots and actions at a standstill, little used, the Basque team gave no sense of danger before an Elche every time more molten. The excitement came in the final stretch of the game, in which Elche had the great opportunity to strike the coup de grace after a Folch pass that Scar Gil, outstanding in his new left-wing role, finished off with everything in favor from the inside of the area

The extension was already a torment for Elche, since Athletic imposed its physical and accral to the illicit team in their area. San Romn took the ticket for the penalties after stopping spectacularly with his foot a shot of Villalibre that wave to goal. And already in the batch, everything was facing the Elche after the stops of his goalkeeper to the launches of Ral Garca and Unai Lpez.

Elche came to dominate the 3-1 round, with two options to close the classification in their boots. But Qasmi and Ivn, with controversy because Herrern moved forward in a scandalous way to close spaces, they erred and gave an extra life to Athletic, who the Basque team, after a new error by Tekio, already in the sbita death, took advantage.


  • 1. Elche: San Romn; Tekio, Nacho Pastor, Dani Calvo, scar Gil; Manuel Snchez, Mfulu (Ramn Folch, min. 71); Josan, Pere Milla (Nino, min. 96), Fidel (Ivn Snchez, min. 65) and Mourad (Qasmi, min 81).
  • 1. Athletic Club: Herrern; Lekue, Nez, Iigo Martnez, Balenziaga (Yuri, min. 75; Lekue (Villalibre, min. 105), Vesga, Beat (Unai Lpez, min. 64), Crdoba (Muniain, min. 46), Ral Garca and Williams.
  • referee: Munuera Montero (Andalusian Committee). He showed yellow card to Scar Gil for Elche, and Yuri and Iigo Martnez for Athletic Club.
  • Goal: 0-1, min. 4: Williams. 1-1, min. 40: Fidel. In the penalty shootout (4-5), Manuel Snchez, Folch, Nino and Dani Calvo scored for Elche and Muniain, Williams, Villalibre, Yuri and Vesga for Athletic Club.
  • Incidents: Match corresponding to the 16th finals of the Copa del Rey played at the Martnez Valero de Elche stadium before 13,834 spectators.

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