Máximo Huerta breaks down in a heartbreaking message to his mother: “When did life get complicated, mom?”

A few weeks ago he made the decisive decision to leave Madrid to return to the Valencian municipality of Buñol. maximum orchard He has left his life in the capital to take care of his mother, afflicted with the passage of time. Fully invested in it, he has shared an overwhelming message on Instagram.

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“At what point did life get complicated, mom? Tomorrow turns out to be already today. That he arrived without warning. Nothing announces it. There is no sign,” he shared this Sunday along with a photo of his mother, Clara Hernandez.

The shortest minister of democracy received the support of his followers, who number more than 350,000 on Instagram. Among the messages he received, the one from Inma Cuesta: “Oh”, he wrote next to a white heart. “Friend,” he added Paula Echevarria. Bibiana Fernandez He also had a few words for the one who was his partner in the mornings on Telecinco: “They should put up a sign like in Marbella, but it’s sneaky, it doesn’t warn, and when you realize it, you’ve been there for a few years.” In November, he spoke of the tumor for which her mother was operated on: “Her eyelids have been reconstructed,” he explained.

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A few weeks ago, the writer spoke of the direction his life had taken: “I am making a definitive move to Buñol and I let others live where there was so much: this house in Madrid. The elves who live behind mirrors will always keep secrets. And if no, I’ll take care of telling them, writing them in a future novel. Saying goodbye to a house is very uprooting, but I decided a long time ago that the house, the real house was me, “he wrote on his social networks.

In Buñol, the former presenter of Ana Rosa’s program recently opened Dona Leo’s bookstore. She received the same name as her dog, her faithful traveling companion. In Bye little onehis latest successful book, opens when it comes to telling his story while caring for his sick mother: “My mother would have been happier if I had not been born,” he confesses at the beginning of the work.