Matamoros fights for the 30,000 euros for his wedding and something else for his honeymoon in Qatar

He was about to break the contract when he felt betrayed by Lectures but finally Kiko MatamorosPulling reason and thinking about what it was going to cost him to break the contract, in addition to not pocketing the money, he decided to go ahead. Hence, last Monday, Matamoros and his brand new wife starred on the cover along with two of his children, Diego and Lauraleaving the bride aside, little less than as one more character, almost props.

The three characters that appear have more prominence than Marta Lopez Alamo on the cover, which is displaced from the photo. But the money they have pocketed makes up for everything. And from the initial annoyance they have gone to “teeth, teeth” as if nothing had happened. The fault of it? The 30,000 euros that have been pocketed for the exclusive of the wedding, as they slide to Informalia people familiar with the agreement.

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However, this is only for the wedding, since the couple has closed a pack of various reports with the magazine. One of them, the one that was published the week before the wedding, in which Marta López Álamo appeared in her wedding dress. Although some sources question that this report was part of the agreement: “I have my doubts that this report would have been discussed. I am not clear about it,” they tell us. It was that report in which the bride was displaced from the cover by makokeKiko’s ex-wife, so that she indulged herself in becoming the protagonist two days before the wedding, something that made the commentator very angry. Save meas we have already told in Informalia. The honeymoon trip would also be agreed, which begins in Doha, as we have been able to verify and have published after catching them at the airport and following them on the plane to the capital of Qatar. This other report tells us that “it has been valued below 30,000 euros for the wedding.”

The question that they ask us is whether Kiko will have received the exclusive in full. According to sources in the sector, the magazine is studying with its lawyers the possibility of considerably reducing the agreed figure. And all because of the monumental anger that Kiko took with Lectures due to the cover of the previous week, with Makoke displacing Marta as the main character, led him to allow the wedding to be televised, leaving the magazine’s exclusive to a minimum. “It is as if Kiko had opened the doors of her wedding to everyone. It is not normal in this type of agreement,” they assure us.

Lectures has exclusive images of some poses, but the bulk of the wedding was seen in Save me, through social networks and in all digital media. Kiko did not take the mobile phones from her guests or ask them not to upload images to her social networks. That is why the three wedding dresses were seen in digital media before in Lectures, which advanced its edition to Monday to try to minimize the damage. In fact, this Wednesday at the kiosk all the magazines carry an extensive report on the link. Not only that: Kiko has not cut a hair in speaking with journalists, in standing before the microphones of press and television agencies to talk about the wedding, which is usually prohibited by contract. And of course, she was on her own show. According to what they tell us, “Kiko did not break the exclusive contract, but then she has done what she wanted. She has facilitated many things. She has not hidden. The next day she was already speaking everywhere.”

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In any case, and apart from the fact that the magazine decides to reduce his fees due to the previous visibility that the link has had, of these 30,000 euros, Kiko barely keeps anything. Given his problem with the Treasury and the fact that his income is seized, the Tax Agency gets a good chunk of the cake, well, the cake that is going to be invoiced in his name, not Marta’s, which, in theory, should invoice half of the exclusive. We say in theory because, as it happens in weddings, where all the prominence is acquired by the brides, it has been possible to consider that she is more important and bills a higher percentage, that everything is possible.