Matamoros and the pasture that he will win with the exclusive of his wedding with Marta López: “They are going to pay me more than with Makoke’s”

21 days before the end of Save me, Kiko Matamoros will say ‘yes, I want’ to Marta Lopez Alamo in Madrid. The link will take place on Friday, June 2, just seven years after the wedding of the tertullian with makoke. Then he also sold the exclusive on her wedding, just as he will do now with the twenty-something model.

However, this time the couple will pocket a greater amount of money, judging by what Matamoros himself recounted this Thursday on the set of Save me: “Taking into account the current times for magazines, I can assure you that perhaps I have learned to negotiate in these years and they will pay me more than with Makoke’s”.

He and Makoke then collected 90,000 euros, as they assured then in different Telecinco programs and other media. The pasture that Matamoros and López will now receive for the wedding will be very useful for the collaborator, who still has his payroll attached due to the debt he maintains with the Treasury, which at the beginning of 2022 exceeded 700,000 euros, as he himself clarified in Save me after appearing on the famous list of defaulters.

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The last few days have been marked by crossovers between Matamoros and Makoke. to the gathering of Fiesta it bothered her that Kiko said that her wedding day was not one of the happiest of her life. The collaborator also released surprising information from his program: “The same morning that I married Makoke, I had been with another woman.” The curl does nothing but curl… All less than a month before the wedding that will be celebrated in style at the Hotel Ritz in Madrid with a banquet in style.