Mary of Denmark's ultimatum to her traitor husband: “Either we are kings or I'm going to Australia”

The abdication of the Queen Margaret, which she herself announced during her last speech of the year, has fallen like a bomb inside and outside Denmark. This is an unexpected move after the friendship scandal between the Prince Frederick y Genoveva Casanova, as well as the heir's escape to Madrid without escorts. They assure that the decision did not come from the queen but rather it is the response to the definitive ultimatum of the princesa Mary: “Either we are kings or I'm going to Australia.”

The princess's humiliation after her husband's betrayal could only end in two ways: in divorce or in coronation. Mary Donaldson did not want to forgive a new infidelity, especially in the eyes of the entire world, and even though a divorce had left her in a complicated situation due to the marriage agreements she signed after her wedding, she was not willing to be a puppet of the crown. Danish. In one of her last conversations with Queen Margaret, she put her cards on the table: “Either we are kings now or this is over.”

A conversation that Luis Pliego has given details of in Afternoon AR: “If I have anything left over, it is sources in Denmark. I am talking about colleagues in the palace, people who know what is happening. In reality, the abdication is something that Mary herself asked for: 'Either we are kings now or this is over.' She said that I was returning to Australia.”

He assures that the abdication of the Danish queen has been brewing for weeks, since the scandal of her son Federico and Genoveva Casanova broke out. Mary then imposed her conditions for forgiving the father of her children and, following her ultimatum, she traveled with two of them to her homeland to prove that she was not joking. “When Frederick went to New Zealand to meet her, he told her that the queen had accepted: 'It's done,' he told her.”

Historical abdication

On January 14, the sovereign will abdicate, becoming the first to do so in almost 900 years in Denmark. At that time, Frederick and Mary Donaldson will proclaim themselves kings. The Prince will now bear the name of Frederick “It's the right time,” said Margarita, 83, pointing to her health problems as the reason for her decision.

In 2016, his speech was very different: “In my opinion, it is part of the position you have when you inherit a monarchy: it is a task that has been entrusted to you and that you maintain for as long as you live, as my father and grandfather did. before him. In this country we have not adopted that way of handing over power. It has always been 'you stay while you live'. That is what my father and my predecessors did. And my way of seeing things too. My son will reign when I'm not here.”

Hours after the announcement, the Danish Royal Family reappeared almost in full at the traditional New Year's gala dinner that Queen Margaret offered at the Royal Palace of Amalienborg to the Official Corps, the Diplomatic Corps, the Armed Forces and the Danish Agency of Emergencies to toast 2024.