Mary from Denmark's first (and profound) reflection on love: “We need each other”

The storm does not abate over the Danish Royal House. Hurricane Genoveva Casanova and the photos of her walking through Madrid with her friend Federico of Denmark remain anchored in the memory of the royal family. Above all, in Mary Donaldson, who put her foot down. Since the beginning of December, she disappeared from the map and from the media spotlight and took refuge in her native Australia with her children Vincent and Josephine. Now the princess has spoken. She has released a few words through the foundation that bears her name: “We need each other if we want to be successful,” she says.

After several weeks of refuge in Australian lands, as we reported, Federico joined that trip. He flew on a private jet and was with his daughter Isabella. The reunion of the royal couple occurred days ago amid growing concern that Mary decided to delay her return to Copenhagen. This was stated by the Danish press. The long-awaited meeting took place in New Zealand, where the princess was visiting her father, as stated Daily Mail. In all this, time is of the essence. Christmas is here and nothing would make Queen Margaret happier than celebrating the holidays with her son, her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren. Photo below, shared by the Royal Family and the Mary Foundation.

With this panorama, the princess has released her first words. According to her publication Daily Mail, Mary has used the foundation channel that bears her name to share her emotions with the world. The lawyer looks back, takes stock of this year and reveals: “So many things have happened that it is impossible to put them into words.”. And he adds profound reflections on time: “Over time you become more and more aware of how valuable each moment (and each year) is”; “The transition to the new year is always an opportunity to stop and appreciate everything that has happened during the year.”

He accompanies his message, melancholic and reflective, with a photograph of himself: he appears smiling in a purple velvet suit and a gray wool pashmina. He has looked for a natural snow landscape. During the pose, some flakes fall on his hair. Behind her there is a Christmas tree. Everything very harmonious in colors and light. The discordant detail, the face and lip makeup and the stone earrings. A look too sophisticated for a nature environment.