Mary Donaldson returns home with her children (Australia) in the midst of a marriage crisis with Prince Frederick

Alarm bells go off in Denmark when it is revealed that the princess has moved to her country of origin, Australia, along with his two young children. Local media suggest that it would only be a family visit before the approaching holidays, but others fear that the decision has a more dramatic background.

In the middle of a marriage crisis with Frederick of Denmark after his photos with Genoveva Casanova in Madrid, Mary Donaldson He has packed his bags to return to his homeland, the ideal place to take refuge from the media noise that has done so much damage to him these days. She has also traveled with her two youngest children, Vincent y Josephineto whom information about their father's private activities and the complicated situation their mother is going through would not be doing them any good.

Although the 'fear' of a royal separation is felt in Denmark, Prince Frederick and his daughter are expected to Isabelle They move to the island of Tasmania to join the rest of the family, as they did last year. Then, they had a nice family pose that will not be repeated this year, since Christian, the oldest of them all, will not travel with them. “Everyone will return to Denmark before Christmas Eve,” say the Danish media.

These days, Federico has traveled to Dubai to participate in the Climate Summit that Froilán has organized (among many others). The heir of Denmark is one of the 'eco' princes par excellence and has received a barrage of criticism in recent hours for having arrived at the COP, precisely, by private jet, one of the biggest polluters of the 21st century. They also criticize that he appears calm and smiling among the sheikhs with whom he is falling out in Denmark due to his indiscretion with the Mexican: “he lives in a bubble,” they say. “This sounds like an HC Andersen story.”