Mary Donaldson from Denmark and her new normal: from “I wouldn't accept infidelity” to walking hand in hand with Federico

A Mary Donaldson has changed his life: the passage of time, the almost 20 years of marriage with Federico and the four children they have in common. She now faces a very different reality than the one she had when she shared her reflections on marriage and infidelity to the journalist Anne Wolden-Raethinge, who collected them in the book Crown Princess Mary. It was in 2004, the year she married the heir. Then, the Australian lawyer assured that “she would not accept infidelity within marriage.” His words now take on a different meaning after the publication of the famous photos of Federico with his friend, Genoveva Casanova, walking through Madrid.

Mary continued her idea about fidelity as part of the foundations of union and trust in a relationship. She explains it this way in the aforementioned book, which was launched twenty years ago. “A relationship is based on trust. If that trust is abused (…) there is a very serious breach of trust.” And she added: “It is difficult to regain trust when it has been broken”; to emphasize that “trust is sacred.” The princess also reflected on the concept of open relationships that some people have.“they are happily married with children, and have other relationships, and this is accepted”. Faced with this option, the lawyer was categorical: “I couldn't do it, it hurts.” And she put herself in the role of mother (when these statements were made she had not yet started motherhood): “When a child comes along, it's not just about you anymore.” They are testimonies from Wolden-Raethinge's book that he has collected Hola.

These values ​​about fidelity, trust and betrayal take on a different meaning due to the sequence that we have seen in the weeks. The photos of Queen Margaret's son walking with Genoveva that caused an informative earthquake; Mary's escape to her native Australia with two of her children; Federico's subsequent trip to New Zealand where his wife was; and, as the last and surprising photograph, the staged walk of the Danish prince hand in hand with Mary, already back home in Danish lands, at the doors of Aarhus Cathedral. I was going to Christmas mass. An image of family harmony.