Maruja Torres’s ‘zasca’ to Imanol Arias for reneging on the 2030 Agenda: “Shorter than the sleeves of a vest”

New controversy on social networks. This time, the journalist and writer stars Maruja Torreswhich has defined Imanol Arias with eight words: “Shorter than the sleeves of a vest”. The reason? The actor’s opinion on the 2030 Agenda: “I have set out to find the loophole so as not to comply with the agenda that is murdering us,” he said. “I think we are on the way to being the most submissive and unhappy society of the entire history of humanity. Of course, with ‘great achievements’ and very rare billionaire types who have taken over medicine, food, transportation and morality.”

An interview that the protagonist of Tell me how it happened granted to the Argentine media Infobae and that has generated more than one criticism in Spain. The most popular, that of Maruja Torres, followed by that of the interpreter Joaquin Kremelwhich put the finishing touch to the writer’s comment with two other words for Arias: “Cut and climb.”

Torres’ message, which already has more than 2,000 ‘likes’ and almost 500 ‘retweets’, has been supported by many of his followers: “Antonio’s character left a mark on Imanol, he remained anchored”, “I think Imanol He played his role very well Tell mehis machismo suited him very well, also his inclination to the right”, “So many years with Tell me and ended up believing it”…

And since there are colors for everyone, there are also those who support Arias’ opinion and have stood up for him: “With two eggs.”