Martí's 'modus operandi': parties and psychology

Pep Lluís Martí has proven to be a coach chameleonic during confinement and now, with the return to work on the lawn, he is delighting its players with a lot of exercises. The Girona coach tries to make the return to the competition with the better physical tone and competitive as possible and, for the moment, you are satisfied. This week he is conducting collective training and his priority is to do matches because you consider it the best way to face situations that will be found in LaLiga.

Girona players exercise every day, starting at 10:00, in La Vinya. The first step is to do the prevention exercises and then the Atletico players already step onto the field of play. Martí is using a training field and a half these last days and the exercises in which it is most influencing are those of pressure, control and ball exit. The definition is something that also worries you and he does not hesitate to urge it during the matches he organizes. The technician is aware that, once LaLiga resumes, there will hardly be time to vary many tactical aspects between day and day and hence everything must be clear in the face of the 'debut' against Las palmas. Further, tackle 11 games in a short space of time it will cause you to be mentally prepared. And Martí has ​​been spending time on psychological work for a long time. The goal is also ambitious, moving up to Primera, and adding pressure.

Girona Shield / Flag

11 days left League and all players should be ready to try to take advantage of the opportunities that may be provided. The match against Las Palmas will be the starting gun for a sprint race. And Girona cannot lose ground because to achieve the objective of direct promotion, they must trim the eight points which are currently far from Zaragoza, second classified.