Martínez Almeida, overwhelmed with his wedding: “Organizing the tables is more difficult than making the electoral lists”

The golden bachelor of the PP will say “yes, I want” to Teresa Urquijo next April 6 and he is already nervous preparing the big event. Although these tasks usually fall to a greater extent on the bride, José Luis Martínez Almeida participates in all the decisions and some of them are becoming difficult for him: “One day I said, when we were making the electoral lists, that there could only be one thing more difficult than the electoral lists and that was making the tables for a wedding and now I do it.” I'm checking,” he said with a laugh this Tuesday.

The mayor of Madrid has visited Public mirror and he has joked about his relationship with the 26-year-old financial analyst: “The tables are a complicated and difficult situation but I hope that people put the good news of a wedding above it”, he told Susanna Griso. Almeida has also revealed that the guest list is not yet closed and that he will take a well-deserved vacation after becoming a married man: “It is not easy to be mayor and a boyfriend in sight, on April 6 I am getting married, but until April 5 I will continue to serve as mayor of Madrid.”

Almeida and Teresa Urquijo will say “I do” on April 6 in a religious ceremony that will take place in the chapel that the bride's family has in Los Molinos, in Navalagamella. Afterwards they will celebrate, along with the rest of their guests, in the farm 'The song of the cross', also owned by the bride's maternal family. It is located in the municipality of Colmenar Viejo, 30 minutes from Plaza Castilla, in Madrid. The Madrid politician celebrated with a romantic message on January 5 on social networks: “Once they asked me about sentimental issues. I answered that neither hasty nor resignation, it is obvious that I have not been hasty but I was almost resigned. Until she appeared. And Teresa said yes to me.”

Almeida also joked a few days ago on the program Madrid Direct: “I will have to give up some vices in my 48 years of life, such as that empty refrigerator, I will have to get going”. And he added: “It is a very important day and I think it is a long-awaited day, but since I have talked about derbies, we are going game by game. There are three months left, there is a lot to do.”