Marta Riesco’s last script twist: she apologizes to Rocío Carrasco through tears

Like a true mourner taken from the deepest Mancha. This is how it reappeared this Monday Marta I can on the set of It’s not like we were shhh after the issuance of his interview last week. With her relationship with Anthony David dead and buried, the young journalist has raised the white flag to those she one day accused of “harassment and abuse” and has intoned the ‘mea culpa’, ensuring that she wants to forget the resentment and face a new stage of her life away from controversies.

And to do this, he has started by asking for forgiveness from what was his number one public enemy: Rocío Carrasco. “There are things that have happened to me, not physical things, there are things that have happened to me that now I empathize with her and I want to apologize for not having done it before”has said. “I was so blinded that I didn’t believe what was happening, and I didn’t believe what she said. Now that many of those things have happened to me, I realize that first, I’m an asshole; and second, I’ve been very unfair”.

Riesco has admitted to María Patiño and company that Antonio David Flores is “the worst thing” that has happened to him in his life: “I wish we had never crossed paths. I think I have already paid a very high price for this relationship and I need people to too.” turn the page, because I have done many things, but I have not done anything serious enough to say: ‘There is no solution,’ she said through tears.

Her relationship with Antonio David was a back and forth of darts between them but also from Marta towards Rocío Carrasco, Olga Moreno and, later, Rocío Flores, whom she accused of having forced the break with her father. After what happened, Marta fell into a depression for which she received psychological and psychiatric treatment.

A brief and controversial career

Marta Riesco worked for years within the team of Ana Rosa’s program, Unicorn’s main format. The journalist belonged to the heart section, where she did reports, videos and interviews. But her situation was compromised when she began a romantic relationship with Antonio David Flores. At that moment, she also became a ‘character’ and appeared on occasion talking about her personal situation in front of the cameras. In parallel, she began a battle with Save me, Telecinco’s afternoon program, which was positioned on the side of Rocío Carrasco and against Antonio David, former collaborator of La Fábrica de la Tele until he was fired at the time of the premiere of the documentary by Rocío Jurado’s daughter. At that time there were some moments of tension, such as the day Marta Riesco spoke to the microphones of Save me when I was working for AR and He got into a fight with Anabel Pantoja, an altercation that his bosses did not like.

After some time, Unicorn relocated Marta Riesco to Fiestathe weekend program presented by Emma García, where she continued doing reports related to the world of the heart and entertainment, but further away from the daily news of the network. The turning point came when he was involved in a heated discussion live with a reporter from Save me when they met at the same photocall. That day he even mentioned Borja Prado, then president of Mediaset, who ordered that the reporter stop doing direct. Marta Riesco was also one of the characters banned by the network’s new management when it came to addressing its content, along with Rocío Carrasco, Antonio David, Ortega Cano, Kiko Rivera, etc.