Marta Riesco gets on Olga Moreno’s car and distributes firewood: “I don’t like her, I don’t care about Rocío at all and Antonio David… Better that he be alone”

The winner of survivors He has returned to the front page this Wednesday with an exclusive interview in which he settles scores with the father of his daughter Lola: “I have finally found a man who respects me and gives me my place.” Happy with the Argentine Augustine Etienne, Olga Moreno rubs his happiness to the Flores from the magazine Week and the first to comment on his words has been, of course, Martha I can: “I don’t like Olga”.

The last couple of the former civil guard have thrown a few poisoned darts at Olga: “The truth is that I don’t know how many covers he already has. Five, it seems to me. It’s what he does. He does well, the truth is, he does well. Winning money and talking about his life, I think he’s doing great, really,” he said secondarily. She assures that she is “very happy” that she is doing well in love: “I hope we all find a man who gives us our place and who respects us, the truth is that yes. It’s good to see her so happy.” And she uses irony to close the topic: “Look, she’s super happy and it’s great because when I was working, she was super bad. Now seeing her so happy makes me very, very happy,” she laughs. “I don’t like him, but it’s funny that they’ve always talked about me going on TV, making covers… When I’ve told all the interviews and reality shows no, and even so, they keep saying that I’m the that I speak and that the other person is silent. I find it ironic that people say that when this woman no longer needs to do anything. Well, the same goes for big brother vip this year and they take away her veto,” he says.

About Antonio David and his recent statements assuring that he does not want to know anything about women, the reporter believes that he said it because “it is difficult for him to find one who has loved him like I did and who has bet so much for love. Everything that comes after me with him, it will surely seem like a pittance to him. For that, it is better to be alone”. Although their relationship did not end on good terms, Marta assures that she does not regret anything: “I have made bad decisions, but everything is a learning experience and in the end, the person I am now is also because of everything I have lost along the way and Unlike him, I don’t regret anything.” And he adds: “He has not behaved like a man, he did not stand up for me at the worst moment of my life, but he is the person I have loved the most in my life and I think I will never fall in love that way despite everything that has happened to me, unfortunately. But I will try.”

Marta’s face changes when we ask her about Rocío Flores, about whom she has nothing positive to say because, as she admits, she believes that it has been a great obstacle in their relationship: “That everything goes well for her, it hurt me a lot, but the same thing that I matter to her, she matters to me: nothing”.