Marta Ortega poses, talks about her children and surrenders to her parents after a year as president of Inditex

As time goes. This Saturday, April 1, marks the first year of martha ortega as non-executive president of Inditex. On the occasion of this very special date for her professional career and for the company founded by her father, the businesswoman has granted an interview to Financial Times.

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The Galician, who turned 39 on January 10, has posed for one of the most important economic media in the world. The report offers a series of black and white photographs of Ortega. Marta gives an image of security and firmness, which she conveys in front of Zara. In this interview, the protagonist has had some nice words for Amancio Ortega: “My father is the best at bringing out the best in everyone… And I think that’s the key, because obviously no one is good at everything.”

He also talked about his mother, Flora Perez Marcote: “Obviously, my father worked most of the time. But also my mom has two sisters and four brothers. And all of my mother’s family works at the company… So we talk a lot about the company.” From her childhood, Marta keeps fond memories: “When she was a child, my mother made women’s collections for Zara.”

He also has a few words for his children, Amancio, 10, and Matilda, 3. Of the eldest, the fruit of her first marriage with the rider Sergio Alvarez, says: “He is totally obsessed with clothes and labels.” Regarding his own wardrobe, he admits that he goes home but does not ignore haute couture: “I mostly wear Zara or Massimo Dutti (…) But I do buy designer clothes… And then, obviously, I like shoes” . In addition, he keeps very special fabrics and belongings: “And I also have things from my mom. So yes, it has become a great closet. My son says: ‘Why do you have so many clothes?’ I’m like, because I’ve had them for many years.” Very discreet with his private life, in this interview he does not talk about Carlos Torrettaher husband.

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Ortega does take stock of his year at the head of the company, although he confesses: “I don’t really enjoy numbers in general. Obviously, over the years, one comes to know it. My energy is in the product and in how it is presented: that it’s the lifeblood of our company and where I can deliver the most value. I’m on top of finances, but I have a very experienced team close to me who is completely focused on them.”