Marta Carazo explains the family move to replace Franganillo: “My husband and my daughters are coming”

“When I was little I didn't dream of being a presenter on television or a presenter on the most important news program,” the Madrid woman said days ago Marta Carazo, who will be the star of TVE's News from January. But that means moving house and city. Leaving Brussels to return to Madrid; halfway through the course, with two daughters studying there.

Marta has been in the Public Corporation for a quarter of a century. In recent years she came to our homes as a correspondent in Brussels but, after the departure of Carlos Franganillo to Telecinco to replace Pedro Piqueras, will present the second edition of the Newscast starting next January, as we have told. “I want to remove rigidity from the News, take it to the site and contextualize it, because TV is the times,” he declared. When she was assigned to the Belgian capital she went there, where she took her daughters “who did not speak French,” the journalist now remembers. “They were very brave,” she says.

Carazo received a call from TVE a few weeks ago, telling him that they liked his way of telling things, of working, and that it seemed like a good bet. Last Wednesday, we were with her on the Telediario set in Torrespaña, where the man who convinced her to change Brussels and the European Parliament for the capital was also present. We are referring to the news director of RTVE, Pep Vilar. Everyone praises the professionalism, rigor and work capacity of the brand new presenter of the star edition of the news programs, true flag ship of the public broadcaster's news. The Communication and Participation director of the public Corporation, María Eizaguirre, referred to Carazo as “a very beloved journalist inside and outside the house”, in addition to remembering that she is a “recognized well-known” professional. And it is true.

This Saturday, in the correspondents' gathering that Javier del Pino offers in To live, The former correspondent felt like she was among colleagues and opened up on Cadena Ser to comment on more personal issues. She had already told Carlos Franganillo “apart from colleagues he is a friend.”

Carazo revealed that the Asturian who has signed for Mediaset congratulated her: “He congratulated me and wished me luck publicly on social networks, but yes, we have spoken, as friends who start different, exciting projects.” But he had already spoken about his former teammate and now rival and this time we learned a little more about his personal revolution because of the challenge he has accepted and that, for the moment, forces him to move from the Belgian capital to Madrid, the land that saw him. be born.

“I was there with my family”

“I was there with my family,” he opened up to tell his colleagues in Ser. “I didn't have it in my mind to come,” he explained this morning with admirable sincerity. “My family is there,” she said. “Schools don't end in January even though they think they do on TV,” she said ironically. In fact, the journalist, who starts in January “although not on the 8th”, she insisted, she will keep two of her daughters there, schooled in Brussels. She has three children, a boy, the oldest, who already lived in Madrid, and the two girls, who will have to move next year.

“I'll have to come and go until summer”

“I have three children, a boy and two girls. The oldest stayed here (in Madrid), but my daughters are there, they went there being very brave without speaking French and now look…”, he explained. “I'll have to come and go until summer,” she mused aloud. “With this job you bring a family along and that's why I thought about it a lot,” shared the journalist. “I even thought about whether I would prefer to continue as a correspondent but my news chief has tried hard (to convince her),” she said. “I had to think about it a lot,” she repeated. Carazo, who “worked 14 hours a day,” said that he has “a WhatsApp group with Franganillo” and other colleagues. He spoke like this about her friend: “I'm not going to compete with Carlos. I have to do my job and he will do his, like Vicente Valles. I don't compete. Now my responsibility is to my teammates, because I put my voice and my face to everything they do,” he said. “The newscast is a team newscast. I will keep an eye on Carlos (Franganillo) but because he is a friend,” he declared on the radio. “I have a big challenge. I hope everything is super normal,” she said. Regarding whether spending these years in Brussels has turned her into a different person, she admitted that yes, and that she sees everything from a different perspective, which has led her to relativize and distinguish between truly important news and controversial news. “I've been on TV for 25 years, but I'm Marta,” she said.

“I stopped doing Casa Real because I was bored”

“I spend Christmas here, my husband and my two daughters come, which are the ones that are there,” he said while revealing that his eldest son was already in Madrid because he already lived here.

Regarding his years as a TVE specialist in Casa Real, he did not bite his tongue either: “I stopped doing Casa Real because I was bored,” he said. “It is true that in the years that I covered Casa Real on TVE, calls were received from Zarzuela but I personally did not receive any,” he shared. “Those were the years when the Emeritus King was already in bad shape and everything was very complicated,” he explained.

“He is going to have his challenge, I am going to have mine. For me, Carlos is a professional with capital letters. I wish him all the luck in the world, as a friend too. I am sure that he is going to do it and that he also hopes that we continue to do well here, as we did with him,” he said of his new rival. For Marta Carazo, taking charge of the second edition of the Telediario is a “very big, unforeseen and welcome leap.”

“I face it with enthusiasm, with great enthusiasm. I have moved a lot within TVE in these years because I like to do new things, because I believe that you learn from everything, that one is never old enough to continue learning. And this is my great opportunity to learn,” he confessed to us days ago as soon as he arrived from Brussels.

Carazo presented on Canal 24 Horas for ten years and since then she has evolved professionally, which allows her to face such an important challenge with “calm” and “naturalness,” she explained. “You have to be natural and tell people things naturally. Understand them very well to be able to explain them and have the other person make them their own, not only listen to you, but make what you are telling them their own and that is what I'm going to try,” he said.

Carazo believes that it is important to contextualize the news, especially taking into account the very limited times in which it has to be told on TV. “It is not easy to understand current events because they are very complicated things,” he understands.