Marlene Mourreau neither eats nor sleeps after the arrest of her son, Gabriel Guevara: “He has lost seven kilos”

Gabriel Guevara (22), son of Marlene Mourreau (54), was arrested in Venice on September 3 for an alleged crime of sexual assault, as reported by the Italian media The Post International. The young actor was in said city on the occasion of the prestigious film festival. The son of the former star, who has more than six million followers on Instagram, spent last weekend in the police station and has already been released.

The actor’s mother has broken her silence on Telecinco. “I know my son is fine, he’s free. He can’t take my phone, but they told me he’s resting. They’ve taken his phone away because he has to focus on rehearsals for his new job. I can’t talk to him.”

Of course, he has defended Guevara’s innocence: “Let justice be done. The damage has been done and I am not going to forgive the person who did it.” She has even attributed a possible black hand to herself: “The person who did that hates me and has given me problems since I was little. It is a false accusation and this is going to go very far. The person who did that is going to fall.” “I can’t talk to him but as soon as they give him the phone I will talk, his representative told me.”

After the words he transmitted to the program’s microphones, Saúl Ortiz updated the information: “Marlene has already been able to talk to her son.” The journalist has assured that the artist is having a really bad time after Gabriel’s arrest in the Italian city: “She has not eaten or slept for two weeks. She has lost seven kilos.”

Guevara, known after participating in Skam Spain, Hit or Prime Video production My fault, would have an “international arrest warrant” for said crime allegedly committed in France. The young man is the only son of the French star. Gabriel is the result of the relationship between the model and the Cuban dancer Michael Guevarawith whom he was until 2005. At the Venice festival he was going to receive the Filming Italy International Award for Best Young Generation Film.

The arrest of Gabriel Guevara

The actor’s lawyer assured last Monday that his client had already been “acquitted” of the crime of sexual abuse for which he was arrested in Italy and described what happened as a “legal aberration.” In statements to EFElawyer Pedro Fernández González explained that it would be “a completely administrative issue of an order that has been pending” associated with a case that dates back to when Guevara was 13 years old (today he is 22).