Mark Dyer, Harry and William's 'second father', negotiates peace between the brothers at the worst moment of Charles III

The atmosphere at Buckingham Palace is quite tense. Not only because of the logical concern that the disease of the king Charles III and of Kate Middleton but also by the presence of Prince Harry, who landed in London on Tuesday to visit his father. The arrival of the Duke of Sussex has softened the monarch, who now needs all the love and support of his people, but not the Prince Guillermo, who has refused, for the moment, to meet with his brother: “I have more important things to do,” he said. However, there is one person who could turn the situation around: Mark Dyer.

He was one of King Charles III's bodyguards and tutor to the princes during his childhood and adolescence. He has accompanied them in his most complicated moments, especially Prince Harry, who found in Dyer one of his greatest supporters during Megxit. Aim The Times because Mark is being a great consolation for the two brothers these days, not only because of his closeness and trust but also because of his experience: he himself has survived a very aggressive stomach cancer from which he has completely recovered. His work now is vital: is going to mediate in the war between the brothers so that they form a common front at the family and public level now that Charles III, both the father and the king, is more vulnerable than ever. “Mark can always be trusted to reason with Harry and Guillermo and will be a discreet support for both of them at this stressful time,” sources close to the Royal Family have said.

The relationship between William and Harry is more distant than ever. The heir was deeply hurt by the institutional abandonment of his brother, whom he believed to be his right-hand man in his obligations at birth, but also by his indiscretion in publicly discussing the dirty laundry of Buckingham Palace. The Duke of Sussex aired problems with his brother, with whom he had come to blows, and even detailed arguments between his wife Meghan Markle and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. He even accused her of making racist comments about the skin color of her son Archie. A behavior that Guillermo is not willing to forgive.

Mark Dyer, the man with flaming hair

This is how the British press has baptized the royal bodyguard turned squire whom those closest to him call 'Marko'. He served former Prince Charles until the mid-1990s and acted as a mentor to the princes after the death of their mother, Diana, in 1997. Dyer visited William at boarding school, helping Harry maintain discretion with his various courtships and protected both from nosy photographers. Since 2020, she has become the bridge between Harry and his family and friends in London. They claim that he is “one of the few people who manages to talk some sense into Harry.”

Harry landed in London this Tuesday, a few hours after receiving a call from his father personally informing him of his diagnosis. They met at Clarence House, in the company of Queen Camilla, and stayed together for 45 minutes. The Duke of Sussex does not want to cause problems and has refused to stay at Frogmore Cottage, the house that his grandmother gave him for her wedding to Meghan, opting for a hotel. It is unknown when he will return to California and the question in the air is this: will he visit Kate Middleton to seal family peace?