Marisol, devastated after the death of the man of her life: Massimo Stecchini, Pepa Flores’ partner, dies

Massimo Stecchini He was the manager of the Trastevere pizzeria and died this Sunday of a heart attack on the floor of La Malagueta. But for the media he was the man who shared his life with Marisol o pepa flowers, one of the most famous actresses and singers in the history of Spain.

Massimo Stecchini gave the actress and singer from Malaga Pepa Flores, known as ‘Marisol’, the stability, love and affection that she always wanted. They have been together for 35 years but the Italian died in the early hours of this Sunday due to a heart attack at his home in the La Malagueta area.

The deceased was the owner of the El Trastevere pizzeria, previously owned by his brother and now managed by one of his sons. Marisol, professionally retired for 38 years, found in Stecchini the man of her life and together with him she decided to change her life as a star for one far from the media spotlight.

35 years together

At 75, Marisol is left alone, half of her life has gone. The death of Massimo, twelve years younger than the protagonist of Tómbola, has left the ‘widow’ devastated, and all her family members. Discreet to a fault, she never sought the enormous fame of her life partner.

Much to his regret, and given the dislike of pepa flowers by the cameras (who even refused almost three years ago to collect the Goya of Honor which he was awarded when the film competition was held in his hometown), Massimo acted as his girlfriend’s official spokesperson. It was his daughters who intervened on stage when he was awarded the award given by the Spanish Film Academy at a gala held in 2020 at the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace. Pepa Flores ‘Marisol’ has lost the one who was her discreet companion, confidante, ‘husband’ (they never married) and above all a faithful partner. She rest in peace.