Mario Vaquerizo, beaten after singing for “good people” in Toledo: “More Amaral and less him”

Amaral She is not the only artist who has occupied the top positions in national trends this Tuesday for singing bare-chested at the Sonorama in Aranda de Duero. Mario Vaquerizo He performed this Saturday, August 12, at the August Fairs and Festivals in Toledo, and a few words from Alaska’s husband to his audience have raised blisters.

The singer, before finishing the concert with his group, Nancys Rubias, said: “Party moments are so important and necessary for good people of Toledo”, according to The concert didn’t last an hour: “Long live Toledo and now it’s over, because we are older“, pointed out the vocalist, clad in a red jumpsuit with yellow lines on the sleeves. The colors of the Spanish flag. In the capital of La Mancha, PP and Vox rule.

Vaquerizo’s group closed the show with the song barbie must die: “Barbie must die because she is fatter than anorexic Nancy. Barbie must die because she is poorly made, she is too old. Barbie must die”, reads the theme.

On social networks, Mario’s concert for “good people” has been highly commented: “More Amaral and less Mario Vaquerizo”, “Long live Amaral’s boobs and down with Mario Vaquerizo’s hair” or “More boobs and less fools “Some have written, comparing the singer with the artist from Zaragoza.

At the end of June, Mario also caused a stir on social networks after posing on Instagram with a La Legión shirt. In recent months he has also given rise to talk about his views on freedom of expression (he compared the present with the Franco dictatorship) and his support for Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the president of the Community of Madrid for the Popular Party. Mario even starred in a campaign to promote Ayuso’s Madrid that went viral. Just a few days ago, he said that he would not talk about politics again: “I’m just an entertainer.”

Amaral, viral in Sonorama

Amaral, for his part, has starred in the news of the day after performing this Saturday at the famous Aranda de Duero festival. She took off her top in front of 35,000 viewers. On stage, she made a feminist claim: “This is for Rocío. For Rigoberta. For Zahara. For Miren. For Bebe. For all of us. Because no one can take away the dignity of our nudity. The dignity of our fragility, of our strength. Because we are too many. And they will not be able to pass over the life that we want to inherit. Where I am not afraid to say what I think. Because today is the day of Revolution“.

The singer’s gesture comes after the controversy that arose in June with the artist Rocio Saiz during the LGTBIQ+ Pride in Murcia, after a policeman paralyzed her performance for running out of a shirt and bra on stage, as she does in each of her shows.