Mariló, Isabel Pantoja’s friend, comes forward after being ‘missing’ for five days: “It’s a shame that two friends walk together and it’s news”

Mariló de la Rubia He returned to Córdoba this Monday. After ‘disappearing’ last Wednesday in the midst of a media storm over her relationship with Isabel Pantoja, the tonadillera’s friend has resumed her routine: a work day at the medical clinic where she is the manager and a walk with her pet and her sister. In the latter, she has pronounced her first words: “It’s a shame that two friends walk together and that makes the news.”

Mariló has assured the Sonsoles program that she is a woman “happily anonymous” and who plans to continue being so: “I have made the decision not to talk about anything, I don’t think I have to say anything”, has explained. Her attitude, despite her visible discomfort with the situation, has been very kind and respectful: “I understand your work but I don’t like this. Thank you,” he told reporters.

The woman from Córdoba came to the news spotlight last Wednesday due to some photographs in which she appeared walking through the streets of the Andalusian city in the company of Isabel Pantoja. The tonadillera and her friend appeared arm in arm, smiling and very complicit. Their entourage claimed that their friendship went back two decades, when Doña Ana, the singer’s mother, bought jewelry at Mariló’s parents’ establishment. The two women would have regained contact after some time apart and are now inseparable, so much so that Mariló has accompanied the Marinero de Luces interpreter on the last dates of her tour: Bilbao and Gran Canaria.

Overwhelmed by media interest, Mariló ‘disappeared’ from Córdoba last Wednesday, informed of the publication of the photographs. Some suggest that she abandoned Andalusia, others that she took refuge in Cantora. From wherever she went, the lady sent a statement requesting privacy: “I want to make it clear that after the events that have occurred in recent days and the relevance it has had in the different media, that if damage were to occur to my person, as with any member of my family, and even damages to the workers and professionals linked to the Maser SL Clinic, I will not hesitate to take and undertake all necessary legal actions to compensate for the damage caused.”