Mariló de la Rubia, Isabel Pantoja’s friend, explodes with a statement and a harsh warning

After knowing that Mariló de la Rubia was studying legal measures, Isabel Pantoja’s friend has released a forceful statement confirming its intentions. Since the images of both of them walking through Córdoba, arm in arm and with their hands intertwined, came to light in the middle of this week, the manager of an ophthalmology clinic has been at the center of the conversation.

His statement reads as follows: “I want to point out that after the events that have occurred in recent days and the relevance it has had in the different media, that if harm were to occur to me or any member of my family , and even damages to the workers and professionals linked to the Maser SL Clinic, I will not hesitate to take and undertake all necessary legal actions to compensate for the damage caused.” He was advanced this Friday by Antonio Rossi in We’ll see.

Readings titled on its cover: “Isabel Pantoja comes out of confinement: photos with her new best friend in Córdoba.” From the weekly they also explained: “The tonadillera showed complicity with her friends, especially with one of them, with whom she walked arm in arm. This is the person who has been in charge of managing any health issue that could affect her for a long time. Isabel”. And they stressed that she is “his main support along with her brother Agustín.”

Luis Pliego, the director of the magazine, clarified in Public mirror: “I would like it to be clear that I am talking about a friendship.” But he also said: “The cover reminds us of other images that were taken of Isabel 20 years ago with another close friend María del Monte on the beach. That carefree, relaxed, complicity attitude. That meant we hadn’t seen her in a long time. “.

The doctor, who keeps Isabel’s medical agenda, is also passionate about writing and has already published two novels. The protagonist of her stories is a woman curiously named Isabel. The tonadillera, who is leaving behind her confinement in Cantora, travels to Córdoba often and stays at her friend’s house, with whom she enjoys walks around the city and savors delicious sausages. In these moments of media storm, the mother of Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja has opened the doors of her fortress, Cantora.