Mariano Rajoy emerges as a possible candidate for the presidency of the RFEF

The fight for the presidency of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has a new name, that of Mariano Rajoy. As advanced Brand and confirmed the Cope chain, the former president of the Government appears as one of the candidates to fight for the position if the option of Iker Casillas does not prosper.

The now property registrar would not see with bad eyes the possibility of running for the electoral race, which Luis Rubiales, current president, intends to be in the first half of 2020. The premise for Rajoy to appear is that Casillas, with charges Managers in Porto but not yet retired after their heart problems, do not have your own candidacy.

Thus, Rajoy's name sounds like a new solution in case Casillas does not finally appear at the elections. The goalkeeper's question is whether he will have, in such a short time, the necessary support to fight Rubiales the presidency of the RFEF. His figure emerged last week and generated a great stir in the world of football.

Rajoy values ​​his famous taste for king sport and his relationship with all players in the world of football. An extensive network of contacts after decades as a high-level politician and a profile that in some sectors is described as “moderate” are other of his letters to assault the current position of Rubiales.

Rajoy, ironic with the press after the leak on the RFEF presidency: “I will discuss this topic in my next book”

Rajoy, who continues his tour of Spain presenting his book 'A better Spain', has arrived this Thursday in Zaragoza, at the ADEA Directors Forum, but has not wanted to refer to the possibility of attending the elections of the Spanish Football Federation .

Before the attendees, the chief executive has simply stated with irony that this will be told in an upcoming book. In fact, he has remembered the words that in his day the writer Francisco Umbral said in the program of Mercedes Milá assuring that he had gone to talk about his book.

“I have come to talk about my book, which ends the day I stopped being president. That said, I will discuss this issue and in detail in my next book,” Rajoy said when he was questioned by the moderator of the act, who had Received more than a dozen written questions on this matter.

Luis Rubiales is currently in the eye of the hurricane after the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia and the integrity crisis in the RFEF

The president of the RFEF is currently at the shooting site after the transfer of the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, which led to the departure of Ana Muñoz as vice president of Integrity and that generated a great rejection in different circles and even met with displeasure of LaLiga and Government and the veto of a good part of the television operators for being the Saudi country one of the most belligerent with the rights of women.

Add to this the recent resignations of charges of the Ethics commissions, as reported The country Y The world, after Rubiales recriminated the opening of a file to Jacinto Alonso, president of the federation of La Rioja and investigated by the 'Operation Soule' that, in 2017, caused the farewell of Ángel María Villar of the presidency of the RFEF after 29 years in office.

In addition, a week ago it became known that the president of the RFEF will be tried for the alleged aggressions he inflicted on the architect who denounced him for a supposed debt of 120,000 euros in the reform of his house.