María Zurita, in favor of Ana Obregón’s surrogate motherhood: “What she is doing is very brave”

Maria Zuritaat the first of King Felipe VIsingle mother by in vitro fertilization of Carlosa seven-month-old boy who is about to turn five, is totally in favor of Ana Garcia Obregon and her decision to be a mother-grandmother through a surrogate, and considers that “what Ana is doing is very brave”. Zurita has confirmed that she has already taken her son to Abu Dhabi to see her godfather, the emeritus king. Juan Carlos Iwho supported her when it came to being a single mother at the time: “We were there in October for my parents’ wedding anniversary.”

Carlos, the only son of María Zurita, is about to turn five, and his mother has just published a book entitled My mom and I are a happy which she recounts her experience as a single mother.

Given the many difficulties that she herself suffered to be a mother, the niece of Juan Carlos I has taken the opportunity to give her opinion on the decisions made by Ana Obregón and the way in which she has managed to be a “mother” again.

“What she has done seems wonderful to me. She is going to be a very dear girl, she is going to be a cared-for girl, she is going to give Ana a brutal energy and desire to live, something that unfortunately I think she did not have, and I I think we have to support her in everything. What Ana is doing is very brave, very brave”, he explained emphatically in the program Afternoon plan by Rtve.

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During the interview, Maria recalled that Ana Lequio is also your family, because Aless Lequio He was her nephew. “And very dear,” recalled the cousin of Alessandro Lequio. “I texted a lot with him, he was very aware of the entire time that Carlos was in the hospital, he wrote to me practically daily. He told me all the projects he had… He was a very special, very special child,” he recalled. the daughter of the Dukes of Soria.

The emeritus, godfather of his son

He assures that in order to undergo the in vitro fertilization process, he did not have to ask permission from King Juan Carlos, “I have not asked for permission, it is not true, I went with fait accompli. I told him that I had made the decision to do it just like I did to my parents”, and as he explains his uncle supported him at all times. In fact, he admits having taken little Carlos to see his godfather at his residence in Abu Dhabi: “he has already gone, if it was in October, when we celebrated my parents’ anniversary there”, he clarified .

About his cousin’s possible new relationship Cristinaafter his marital breakdown with Iñaki UrdangarinMaría Zurita has been emphatic: “All women in the world who have gone through any dramatic or non-dramatic rupture deserve it to be happy”, however, she has stated that she did not know the news, “I always find out the latest of everything. And also I prefer not to know”, he has resolved categorically.

In 2017, at the age of 41, María decided to become a single mother, through in vitro fertilization from an anonymous donor. A brave decision that was supported by her parents, the doctor Carlos Zurita y Mrs. Margaritawho were also looking forward to being grandparents.

When asked by his childhood environment about his father not present, the boy, Carlos, used the title of a book that María often read to him; I have a mom and period. “And that was what she replied to a friend when she asked about her father. She turned to the girl and said: ‘I have a mother, period’. I loved that reaction from Carlos and I loved how he came out of an invasion of his privacy and an attack on him”, his mother explained.

Carlitos is a miracle child, according to María, since the labor was precipitated and his birth, at six and a half months of gestation, almost cost the mother and child their lives, who spent time in the incubator of the La Paz hospital, until he managed by himself.