María was Mark's babysitter, the most curious Nebulossa detail that has gone unnoticed: “I made out with my babysitter”

The story of In Nebula has aroused great interest since he won the Benidorm Fest last Saturday with the song The debt. María Bas and Mark Dasous form this musical duo, although their relationship goes far beyond the professional. They have been husband and wife for 20 years and have “three daughters”: María, Neo and Ona. “Ona is our dog, but for me she is like another daughter,” she explains.

But there is a very nice and quite unknown detail of its history. Although their romantic relationship began two decades ago, they have always known each other, because they are from the same town, Ondara (Alicante), where they run two businesses: a beauty center and a music studio.

“Our story goes back a long time. Not only from the 20 years we have been a couple, but when I was born…”, Mark said in a video from the Benidorm Fest that has gone very unnoticed. “I'm the one who took care of him”said Maria Bas. “I made out with my babysitter”he joked, thus remembering that the woman who was once his nanny, many years later ended up becoming his partner.

María Bas (55 years old) and Mark Dasous (47) form a family on and off stage. “Being an artistic and sentimental couple is sometimes a little difficult,” she said in that same Benidorm Fest presentation piece. “Well, I think we got along well,” he commented, who usually praises his wife. “I've learned from her that you shouldn't throw in the towel.”

A few days ago, before the Benidorm Fest final, Mark made a declaration of love to María in public. “I want to thank you, because I didn't trust this”, he said, recalling the moment when he found out that his wife had sent the application to Benidorm Fest without consulting him. “Why do you do these things, love?” She asked him at that moment, although that was not a reproach, far from it, because they both profess great love and admiration for each other. “I am accompanying her in this because it is a dream for her”Mark added. “I just want you to be very lucky“, he said to María before kissing. A day after that statement, they won the Benidorm Fest together.