María Teresa Campos, her fellow journalists say goodbye: Luis del Olmo, Ángels Barceló and Carlos Herrera

Teresa Campos, the queen of the mornings and pioneer of television magazines, has said goodbye to us. A woman with her own style and one of the most beloved faces on television. Her colleagues and her professional colleagues pay tribute to her figure, her work and her memory. Among them, Ana Rosa Quintana, who valued her figure by saying that she “has opened many paths. Also, Luis del Olmo, Anne Igartiburu or Àngels Barceló.

“A very sad day”, commented Luis del Olmo in the summer program. “Throughout his betrayed career we have met many times,” she remembered with great longing. The journalist spoke of her “wonderful voice” and stressed that she was “a good communicator and a great worker, with hers two Onda Awards and their Golden Microphones.”

Àngels Barceló, in his morning show Hoy por hoy on the SER network, highlighted that he was “a benchmark in communication and journalism in this country”

Anne Igartiburu, very moved, has written: “Thank you for taking care of us and showing us the way, especially women.”

For his part, Carlos Herrera paid tribute to the communicator at COPE: “María Teresa Campos has died (…) one of the most popular and beloved communicators in the country who for years and years has been giving lessons and lectures bonhomie, good communication, good journalism in various media, especially television, which led her to become one of the closest, best-known people in all of Spain”. “We have worked, so many times… With María Teresa I have been so close to her and her daughters, that I feel her lack and her death in my heart, as if it were someone from the family itself. From COPE a very warm hug strong for them”, he commented in his editorial on Herrera in COPE.

Bibiana Fernández, a regular face on television gatherings, has also sent her condolences to the family. “I listened to her on Radio Juventud de Málaga, then before landing in Madrid I sang badly, but I sang and I had the honor of having her present me at the Tivoli amusement park. She has been a reference on free, feminist, spontaneous, teacher television and queen.”