María Pombo is honest and confesses how she would act if her son told her one day: “I’m gay”

The influencer who has more than three million followers on Instagram and who sells her posts for more than 6,000 euros made an effort this Saturday not to overshadow her sister Marta on the day of her wedding to the dentist. Luis Zamallo

But the ex of Álvaro Morata He cannot help but attract attention and turn everything he touches or everything he says into news. On this occasion, her reflection on how she believes she would react if her son were homosexual has been much commented on: “As a mother, you know it,” she said. The businesswoman (Libra sign), who just turned 29, had no qualms weeks ago in talking about the complicated moments she has gone through in her marriage to Pablo Castellanos. Both had to deny crisis rumors and repeat that they love each other.

The truth is that, no matter how much ink has been spilled, this year has been wonderful for both of them: their second daughter, Vega, was born, and they already have ‘the couple’ after the arrival of their son Martín two years ago.

He spoke about this with Laura Escanes in that kind of influencer exchange. The Podcast of Risto Mejide’s ex, generically titled Between the Sky and the Clouds, served for young mothers to chat as experts on social networks but also about the inconveniences of exposing their private lives.

One of the topics was related to how María Pombo would react if her son were homosexual: “I think they don’t have to tell you as a mother, I think you know. Personally I would make the path easy for him so that he wouldn’t have to sit tell me. I wish my son didn’t have to tell me: ‘I’m gay,'” he said. “I think the moment your son comes and tells you it’s like: ‘Well, great, great, let’s keep going, what do you want to eat,’ right?”

He admits that he likes to be in the news

Asked if she likes being in the spotlight of fame and being in the news, María Pombo admits that she does: “I was born for this. Depending on what things, of course,” she clarifies. The businesswoman (owner of two fashion brands, Tipi Tent and Name The Brand) has almost always considered herself “a lucky girl” and we must admit that when the soufflé goes down and she wants to return to focus she herself knows how to move the hornet’s nest, although later have to deny rumors, such as the crisis with her husband. It is she who, most of the time, tells the problem she faces. Sometimes very serious. Like when she brought to light the diagnosis of the disease she suffers from, multiple sclerosis.