María Pombo and Pablo Castellano baptize their daughter Vega on Christmas Eve

With just over 24 hours until many of us celebrate Christmas Eve, the Pombo family meets in Madrid, at the Santa María del Bosque Parish, located by Arturo Soria, to baptize Vegathe little daughter of Maria Pombo y Pablo Castellanowhich was born last June.

“Important day for the princess of the house,” María shared on her social networks. Likewise, as she usually does at these special events, she has revealed on her Instagram profile what little Vega's dress was like.

Already at the door of the Church, the Pombo Clan has posed with their best looks. For this occasion, María has chosen a long, classic-cut dress with a checkered print, reinforced shoulder pads, long sleeves and a wide skirt. A very versatile option to combat the cold, thanks to its warm fabric.

For his part, Pablo has opted for something more comfortable and not so arranged: a set of a blazer with dress pants, combined with an open white shirt. Likewise, on his sister's big day, he couldn't miss Martínwho while in his parents' arms, showed a wide smile.

Marta Pombothe middle of the sisters, has also attended the baptism of little Vega with her husband, the dentist Luis Zamallo. Both passed through the altar last October and became parents in 2022 after the birth of Matilda. For this special day, Marta has chosen a long, straight-cut dress in gray. Meanwhile, her husband has opted for a classic navy blue suit.

This was the birth of little Vega

On June 19, the influencer faced what would be one of the most important days of her life: the birth of her daughter Vega. However, the birth was complicated and the little girl was born by cesarean section.

The baby came into the influencers' lives in summer. Since then, although we have been able to see her on social media only a few times, we have seen the 'good friends' that she has made with her brother Martín.