María Patiño steps forward to defend her son: she takes action after the latest hate attack

Maria Patino She is very clear: if they touch her people, they touch her, and, for this reason, after receiving an unpleasant hate attack on her X profile, the presenter took legal action on Tuesday. She herself announced it through her Instagram stories, a platform on which more than 500,000 users follow her.

“This has been reported,” wrote the 52-year-old journalist along with a screenshot of a tweet that alluded to her private life. It read: “You are really frustrated for not being able to say who the father of your child is, because if you say it, he will send someone to kill you…”. These words not only pointed out her, but also put her son Julio in the spotlight, whom she defends tooth and nail.

In fact, it is not the first time that the former host of Socialite is planted to keep his son anonymous. “One of the things I promised myself when I decided to be a mother is that “I had an obligation above all, and that was to protect him,” said in an interview with Readings.

Work and motherhood: a difficult task

The former collaborator of Save me Yes, he has regretted on more than one occasion that he would have liked to spend more time with his son, that he grew up in Seville with his grandparents while she squeezed out her work as a journalist in Madrid.

Whenever she could, the communicator took advantage of the weekends to travel to the Andalusian city and meet the young man again. “It has been very difficult, if not impossible, for me to reconcile my work with my son's education.“he explained about it.