María Patiño: “I’m not coming back to take revenge on Mediaset, but I’m not going to cover the collaborators’ mouths either”

A year after Mediaset canceled Save me, its collaborators (almost all) meet again in Canal Quickie, a project that will broadcast in streaming through YouTube, and other platforms, starting on May 15. Some continue to lick the wounds of that sudden defenestration they suffered after 14 years at Telecinco, but this is not the case of María Patiño. “I’m calm,” she says, although she still doesn’t know why the program was removed. “That’s the big question and I don’t know how to answer it.” The journalist, “a television worker,” has no desire to take revenge for her old house. “I don’t have to pay a bill to Mediaset, because I am very grateful,” she explains, although she admits that she “would have liked the forms to be different.” “I’m not coming back to take revenge, it would be a mistake for that to be the focus, because I can’t stand resentment, especially at the wrong time,” says the presenter, who is also very aware that some of her colleagues will ‘crack’ at Not that we were Save Me. “And I’m not here to cover mouths.”

Are you nervous about your return and the premiere of Canal Quickie?

The truth is that it goes on for days. Today I am calm and I don’t know what will happen the day before. What I am is very excited.

Are you worried about the fact that it’s a novel project and not a classic television show?

Yes, because it is a challenge. It’s like the first time I went on television or the first time I presented. And having a first time after so many years is a gift. Then we’ll see what happens.

Did you have a TV monkey?

I have not had TV mono, if I had been without work for longer, I imagine so. I was disconnected for a while and when I returned to the real world, a month ago, I received news and it made me nervous, because I wanted to tell it and I couldn’t.

How have you seen TV from outside?

I have the feeling that time doesn’t pass. There has been great news, like the arrest of Antonio Tejado, but when they talk about other characters, like Edmundo, I have the feeling that I have already experienced it. During this time, I have also taken the opportunity to watch other types of TV, I even got hooked on the world of politics, because it has salvaged quite. Although the level of aggressiveness that I am seeing lately, I have not experienced it in recent years in Save me.

Have you started watching political gatherings?

Yes Yes. I got hooked on the ‘Koldo case’, for example, and watched quite a few alternative televisions. I also saw Everything is a lie. But then I left it, because politics is a very serious topic and I saw that it was not good for me.

What do you call alternative televisions?

Sometimes I’ve seen bits of Thirteen shows, for example. I like to see everything and have a broad vision, not just what is best for me, and then draw out my personal criteria, which I think is something that everyone should do.

And have you seen Telecinco?

Yes Yes. Not at first, because I was very absent, but it was not because of rejection. But right now, as we speak, I’m watching Sandra Barneda’s show.

Ves This is lifeand also TardeAR? Or do you have a problem with that program, like some of your colleagues?

Yes, I don’t have any problem. Each partner has a way of seeing things, but I prefer not to create any bad feelings internally, because that would not allow me to advance. Plus, it’s unfair. Here the decisions have been made by the people in charge. Come on, I’m on Telecinco now! They just put some images of an interview on This is life.

You have been banned for a long time… Has it hurt you?

That’s what I realized. I always defend the newspaper library, to contextualize the information, and I never understood that. But from what I see they are changing in that sense; and I think it is enriching that they do it.

Did it look ugly to you?

I didn’t see it as being insulted, I just didn’t understand it, because journalistically it is essential to contextualize current information. I didn’t take it personally.

It is evident that Save me He has told the pink chronicle for 14 years…

Clear! There are many characters who have come to Deluxe and these interviews are essential to help understand the character’s profile when there is new news about them.

I imagine you at home watching a program and talking to the television, wanting to give your opinion… Because you have always lived your profession with great passion.

Not lately, because this time has helped me rest. I ended up very tired, because I covered Jorge Javier’s absence in Save mehe Deluxethen I did the Netflix thing, Socialite…when I braked, I realized I had to stop. In these moments I look more serene, although I remain as I am. At the end of Save me It was too fast, because in bad times I am protective and I eat everything and that stays inside. After Christmas, was when I became aware of many things.

And what conclusion did you reach? Why do you think Sálvame ended?

That’s the big question and I don’t know how to answer it. But I do? Should I start asking or searching? There are people who say that it was a political issue, wear and tear on the program… I don’t know.

After the end of Sálvame, you continued at Socialité for a few months, until your contract ran out and they did not renew you. Did someone from Mediaset call you to tell you that they would no longer be counting on you?

Yes, they summoned me personally to tell me that María Verdoy was going to be my replacement. She went to a Mediaset office and it was something I was grateful for, because that’s how things are done. I thanked them because I am a professional, I have not been problematic and I have always been loyal. I consider myself a television worker.

Should Mediaset be afraid of what you are going to tell in Not that we were Save Me?

I wouldn’t like the approach to be that, because it would be like a revenge. But I also tell you the truth: I am not here to cover mouths. I am preparing news, but obviously it will be mixed with personal situations and I imagine there will be comments of this type. But if that is the approach, I wouldn’t like it, because I can’t stand resentment, especially at the wrong time.

In other words, if collaborators make comments, you are not going to stop them…

Each one will be responsible for what they say. Furthermore, there is a director who will decide and there is a prior meeting, regardless of the spontaneity of all of us. But they have not conveyed to me that that is the purpose, because it would be a mistake.

But you, personally, don’t come back for revenge.

No no. The thing is that I don’t have to pay a bill to Mediaset, because I am very grateful and Telecinco bet on me from the beginning. That I would have liked the shapes to have been different? Obvious. But I have been a professional who has given everything I could. I have given my life; There were days when I arrived at 12:30 and left at 2 in the morning. That there are people I don’t like? Obvious. That I am critical? Obvious. But I’m not going to go against a network that hasn’t treated me badly, except that they could have done it better. I neither want it nor do it work for me nor is it beneficial. Another thing is that you can criticize Mediaset content.

For example?

No, I mean specific content. If I see an interview on De Viernes or hear some statements from Carmen Borrego. But as content, not as container. Mediaset causes a lot of news and that is a reality.

Have you received offers from other chains during this time?

They have called me for something or other. But to hire me as a collaborator, no. I had until June to get to work, and this came up.

What have they offered you in recent months?

They called me to interview me at Fridaydancing in a dance program…

And why didn’t you go to Friday?

Because about my personal life… Let’s see, I can talk, I have nothing to hide, but not enough to do an interview. And I didn’t have a project to communicate either. I was surprised and thanked them, but nothing more.

Has your love for Fabricantes producers influenced you to embark on the Canal Quickie venture?

I have worked in two production companies, Ana Rosa and La Fábrica, and I have never had problems with either. But I don’t feel indebted to anyone. They pay me and I provide a service. I do it because I feel like it and I feel comfortable and they allow me to be me. Even if it hadn’t been to present, I would have said yes. I have not done it out of affection, because I have affection for many people. I am not indebted to them nor they to me.

Why isn’t Kiko Hernández in the project?

From what I know, I think it will end up being there in some way, because now it has a lot of fuss about the theater issue. There is a certain interest in being on his part.

Who are you going to miss on the show?

I’m going to miss Gema, who is my friend, although she is great in Public mirror.

Have you seen her on Antena 3?

Yes, yes, although in the mornings I watch less television, because that’s when I take the opportunity to go to the gym.

With what former teammate? Save me Have you been in more contact and who have you not spoken to again?

I talk a lot with Gema and Jorge. With Belén Esteban, daily. I have not spoken to Rafa Mora again, although I did call him to congratulate him. And neither with Carmen Alcayde.

How have you seen Terelu Campos on TVE and Carmen Borrego on Telecinco?

Terelu has also been on Telecinco a couple of times and I see Carmen on her line. Sometimes more comfortable and other times more uncomfortable, as in Save me. The programs are different, but it seems that they only suffered in Save meand no, because I have also now seen Carmen suffering from her son’s statements.

It has been the great protagonist of recent weeks.

The fact is that the Fields are fireproof. And that’s two. If there are five…

Of the third, Alejandra Rubio, Jorge Javier spoke very well recently.

It is true that he has a lot of poise and a very strong personality. Maybe I should have a more humble posture, because that allows you to learn, but I also like that strong personality. Despite being young, he seems to have clear ideas.

Have you recently spoken with Jorge Javier? What do he tells you?

Yes. When I tell him how I feel and tell him that I don’t have any bad feelings about what happened, he tells me that’s the way to go. I can’t stand those people, like Rosa Benito, who post things on the networks… look, girl, it’s over. You can kick, yes, but don’t slow down.

Were you surprised to see Rosa Benito back at Mediaset?

At this point and since this is déjà vu… She has been a wonderful survivor and, as a character, she was wonderful too. But I see her angry with the world. And that’s what I don’t want for myself.