María Patiño explodes at the xenophobic comments of Borrego’s daughter-in-law: “La Paola de las noses!”

the daughter-in-law of Carmen Borrego has unleashed a hurricane Save me since they came to light some audios that do not leave you in a good place. After qualifying the Campos clan as “haughty”, among other things, Paola Olmedo has surprised with some xenophobic statements. Something you didn’t like at all Maria Patino.

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“I only ask him to go out with Spaniards, not to bring me South Americans. They are some pieces. My goodness, those who are more thugs than the other are the ones who win, my goodness, and that is what they aspire to. They are all like that, the 90 %. Why do I want a Spaniard? Because it is the Spanish dream, “said Paola about the wishes she has for her future daughter. This Wednesday, her mother-in-law told in her friend magazine that she was going to be a grandmother.

“The Paola of the nose is ignorant. I am with a Venezuelan and I am going to tell you, lady, that any South American, any person in the world, we are all absolutely equal. I like that who you are has been reflected,” Patiño said. visibly upset.

“That contempt of trampling on people from other countries. I’m tired of people from another country being called thugs. They are here living like all of us. Come on, and working like everyone else and contributing. Those kinds of comments when they touch you up close They hurt. What is the difference between a South American and one from Cuenca? “added the presenter of socialitewhich reminded her that it is serious that she (Paola) says it being South American.

“It is a xenophobic and classist comment,” said Kiko Matamoros. Carmen Borrego, for her part, also condemned her daughter-in-law’s statements: “It seems frankly unfortunate to me. There is no problem that she wants a Spaniard for her daughter, but speaking with that viciousness of people…”.