María Jiménez’s sister, on the possible posthumous medal for the singer: “I told the president that it is no longer useful to me”

Maria Jimenez, as his family has publicly lamented, he left with a great sadness: not having received the Medal of Andalusia. After being farewelled by more than 30,000 people in the burning chapel that was set up in Seville, the singer’s sister has spoken out again on the matter.

“My sister has left with that sadness, with that thorn,” he stressed. Isabel this Saturday afternoon in a phone call with Telecinco.

Alejandro, María’s son, and his aunt Isabel in the artist’s funeral chapel

He has also spoken about the president of the Junta de Andalucía. Juanma Moreno Bonillawho attended the funeral chapel installed in the City Hall, has intimated to him that it is very possible that it will be granted to him posthumously.

“We already knew that it was going to be given posthumously, and I told him that it is no longer useful to me. We have had so much struggle to get it given to him and they have not given it to him. He has carried the flag of Seville everywhere and held a referendum with the PP and the PSOE during the transition,” explained the artist’s sister.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía already said before the cameras that it was a procedure and that the committee would have to study it. In her defense, Isabel has said that, in public, the Popular Party politician could not say anything else. “What more committee is needed than the 30,000 people who took to the streets,” Aurelio Manzano said in Mediaset.