María del Monte's wife, Immaculate Casalhas broken his silence on the arrest of Antonio Tejado. The journalist's first words about the case were this Sunday on her Canal Sur program. Inmaculada, who at all times has respected the presumption of innocence, has ruled that they have been fighting this nightmare for five and a half months. We must remember that, last August, a group of eight hooded men broke into the house of María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal. This Friday, it was learned that the singer's nephew had been arrested in an operation against a gang dedicated to robbing houses. The Civil Guard is investigating whether this organization is behind the theft of the singer's property.

The presenter has admitted that they learned the news this Saturday, shortly before the statement was made public. Likewise, she has indicated that, during these months, they have had no information or suspicion about the identity of the detainees. However, she has assured that, from the beginning of the investigation, police sources told them that the thieves were someone with privileged information about their lives.

All the investigators told us from the first moment that it was someone with privileged information because of how the robbery was carried out, those who entered knew where they were going and they took everything. They have taken a lifetime, the sentimental, your mother's things, the things you buy over the years, jewelry, a communion medal, your mother's and your grandfather's. It has been a traumatic experience and it is going to be difficult for us to get over it, every day I wake up at 5 in the morning, which was the time the robbery happened. “I don't wish it on anyone,” he revealed this Sunday in the aforementioned space.

Inmaculada has stated that both she and her wife want to know the whole truth. Furthermore, she has thanked the Civil Guard for the work they have done during these long months. “We want to know the truth above all else and the sooner things are known the better. So far what we know is that there are eight detainees, that there have been 11 searches and that they are in jail waiting for what the judge says. I have no words of gratitude for the Civil Guard for how they have carried out this investigation, they told us from the beginning to have faith and until the truth is known they will not stop,” he said.

This is how the program began

Inmaculada Casal, who presents a program every weekend on Canal Sur, began the program by looking at the camera and revealing how she is feeling. “I'm bad, very bad. We have been scared for 5 months, we have had a horrible experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone, the worst of my entire life. Our life was in danger and how can I be, put you in my place, right now I am expectant, I trust in justice and its guarantees, and in the presumption of innocence of course. We don't know more, but it is my duty because I am a journalist, I like my profession, I owe respect to the audience and I put myself in your shoes. “I can't say anything more, it's in the hands of justice,” she said.