María del Monte has already recovered the 30 watches that the alleged Antonio Tejado gang stole from her

A loot of 650,000 euros. That is what the thieves (including his nephew, according to the judge's order) took from his house. Maria del Monte last August, when they entered his home with hoods and tied him and his wife, Immaculate Casal. Both kept jewelry inherited from their mothers in a safe, bought with their savings as an investment, and watches, many watches. The singer was a great collector. Fortunately, she has recovered 30 of them after the seizure carried out by the Civil Guard from the perpetrators of the crime.

The Sevillian invested in very exclusive pieces that she bought to guarantee a golden retirement. 30 have recovered, according to the Sonsoles program, although there were more. “She had made a private collection of watches. According to her jeweler, who is very discreet, they had good pieces”, They have said. “She didn't want to say the number of watches… It must be for a reason. They tell me how unique those pieces would be for them to be valued at a million euros,” said Pilar Vidal.

In addition to the watches, they also took other jewelry. His financial value was not so high, but his sentimental value was: the medal from his First Communion, pieces that he had given to his mother and his inseparable diamond earrings, which María considered the “sign and symbol” of he. “He no longer has them,” they point out, thus confirming that they were part of the stolen loot and that they have not yet recovered.

Statement in court

The singer María del Monte and his wife will sit before the judge this Friday, February 16, to testify about the robbery they suffered in their home in Gines (Seville) last August, an assault in which they participated, presumably, the artist's nephew, Antonio Tejado, who has remained in preventive detention without bail since last Monday.

The statements of the folklorist and his wife are key in this case, which began after they reported a robbery with violence and intimidation in their home last summer. From then on he set off Operation Abgena, an investigation that for six months has focused on a criminal gang dedicated to robbing luxury homes in Seville. Tejado, whose phone was tapped, passed useful information about the victims to the rest of the members, among whom there is a former boxer and a jewelry robber, as well as several 'machacas' (thugs who act on request) .