María del Monte confirms the complaint about the robbery in her house: “She is quite affected”

Maria del Monte He has not withdrawn his complaint. What's more, he has ratified it. The Sevillanas singer appeared this Friday at the Court of Instruction Number 16 of Seville along with his wife, the journalist. Immaculate Casal, to testify for the robbery with violence and intimidation that both suffered in the early hours of August 25 at their home in Gines, in Seville. The singer's nephew, Antonio Tejado, remains in provisional prison without bail since last Monday for being the alleged mastermind of the assault. The artist has stressed in recent days that she trusts in the presumption of innocence, which suggested the possibility of her taking a step back. However, she has taken two steps forward: the ratification of the complaint is not a mere procedure, but a transcendent act, since it reflects her interest in having an active participation in the procedure.

The artist and the journalist arrived at the Investigative Court Number 16 in Seville around 9:00 a.m., and the session began punctually, half an hour later. Before entering to testify, María del Monte assured the press that she feels “calm”, despite the pain of having to relive the details of the assault, in which both were gagged and received death threats. “She tries to forget and Right now reliving all this is very hard for us.. We say the same thing as the first day, we trust in Justice and the presumption of innocence, because this is an investigation to find out what happened that night,” he said. The thieves took several jewelry, watches and bundles from the home. of bills, which translates into about 650,000 euros.

For just over two hours, the folklore company has answered questions from all parties. Then, it was Casal's turn. The domestic worker, the daughter and the son-in-law of the journalist have also testified during the session. From Telecinco they have reported that the Sevillanas singer “She has been quite affected.”

For his part, Antonio Tejado will testify next Monday, February 19. Fernando Velo, his lawyer, insists on his innocence and denies any connection with the robbery of the couple's home or with any other, as there are also suspicions about his possible participation in the robbery that Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio suffered three months later. ©s in the Andalusian capital.

The statements of the folklorist and his wife are key in this case, which began after they reported the robbery, framed in Operation Abgena, a police investigation that for six months has focused on a criminal gang dedicated to robbing luxury homes in Seville. Tejado, whose phone was tapped, passed useful information about the victims to the rest of the members, among whom there is a former boxer and a jewelry robber, as well as several 'machacas' (thugs who act on request) .

The artist's nephew now faces several crimes, such as robbery with violence or membership in a criminal gang, whose sentences could rise to six years in prison. Last Monday, in the Court of Instruction number 16 of Seville, he availed himself of his right not to testify. He and five other people from the gang went to prison without bail. Two were released.