“It's been a very hard day.” They are the words of Maria del Monte hours after his nephew, Antonio Tejado, will enter prison after being accused of being the alleged mastermind of the robbery at the singer's home last August. After her arrest last Saturday, the artist was very cautious and she reminded the press of the “presumption of innocence”, but the evidence against him is unquestionable and the judge has ordered prison without bail. The family is devastated.

Tamara Gorro, a close friend of María del Monte, has spoken with her: “Is very bad”he revealed in the Sonsoles program. “Today, especially, he told me that it's been a very hard day.”

His wife, Immaculate Housel, has been a little more extensive in its manifestations. He assures that they are going through a situation “hard and difficult” so much for “see how a son, nephew, is in prison because there are indications” as for “relive the nightmare”, a trauma that neither of them has yet overcome. Both she and María del Monte had a “magnificent” relationship with Antonio Tejado and knew of his ups and downs and his bad streaks. They have always helped him. “María, from silence and discretion, has left her heart for him”They have said.

A violent robbery

It was last August when the house of María del Monte and Inmacualda Casal was attacked by five hooded individuals. They were sleeping when they heard a loud noise that alerted them that someone had entered the house. They were tied up and threatened to reveal the code to the safe: “Either you give it to me or I will kill you,” they were told. The thieves stole jewelry and belongings worth 650,000 euros, many of them with great sentimental value: “They have left us with nothing,” the journalist said through tears.

After months of investigation, the police have arrested eight people, including Antonio Tejado, as responsible not only for the robbery at María del Monte's house but also at that of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio. They consider the singer's nephew to be the intellectual author of the events, although they do not rule out that he was one of the hooded men.