Marcos Llorente: “We have taken a step forward”

Marcos Llorente was one of the protagonists of the match between Atlético de Madrid and Cádiz. He made the second goal and gave the assistance of the first goal. Keep putting on great performances.

Match rating

“Very happy for the three points against an opponent who is up. It is a match in which we have scored four goals and we have left a clean sheet. This is very important. On an individual level I feel very comfortable every time he entered ”.

Team aspirations

“We are dedicated to competing. We are dedicated to winning every game. We hope after the break to be able to continue this good run ”.

Goal foul in Moscow

“Soccer is like that, there are games and games. The other did not want to enter today entered several times. You have to try to change in the games that get stuck.

Difference from last year

“In the end we have taken a step forward. All the new ones who came last year are doing what the mister asks of us. We all work in the same direction ”.

Call for Selection

“Very happy, very happy. Getting it right with your club leads to these things. Now to enjoy and if you can make your debut with the national team ”.