Marcelo, on the Twelfth: “There were doubts outside the team”

Marcelo has appeared on Real Madrid Television to remember the day the team won its second consecutive Champions League. It's been three years since then, but in the locker room they remember exactly every detail. In addition, the Brazilian recalled the doubts that there were about the club in the preview of the final, he considers the eleven remaining league duels as finals and recognizes being happier assisting a teammate than scoring his own goal.

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The Twelfth: “A lot of good memories. We were very anxious because we came from defending our title. There were many doubts outside of our team. We knew we could win and make history. We suffered, but we played very well. We were very happy.”

The consecutive Champions: “The important thing is that when we win a title we don't think about stopping, we think about winning more. Madrid taught me to fight to the end and that the finals are won. When we think that we have won everything, we will think that we want to win everything again “

Eleven finals: “We are improving. We have had very difficult moments, without training, without football, without contacts. We have decided that there must be eleven finals, that you have to give everything to be able to win. We want to win and we will try to win them all.”

The move against Bayern: “I remember, I am always watching my games to see how I can improve. I have always said that I would rather give an assist and see my teammate happy than score a goal myself.”

Asensio's goal in the Twelfth: “You always have to watch the whole game. It was a foul by Cristiano, I was praying for him to score and when I opened my eyes I saw that the ball was in the air, I threw myself at him and gave it to Marco. It was brutal , a great joy. “

Juve had only received three goals in the Champions League: “We went to the game knowing that we were going to face a very solid defense. We always knew what had to be done, we were always united. We knew we could fit in but we had to be stronger than them to endure. You can never think that a goal is Easy. The one who better endures the pressure in the finals stands out more. We have always had an incredible hunger for titles. A final is not played, you win. “

His transfer to Madrid: “A film always goes through my head. When I arrived, photos with my family, with my grandfather, when I didn't know how to speak Spanish …”.

The perfect second half against Juve: “In the first we were very good, in a final it is never easy. We were tied, but we saw many spaces and the coach told us to have patience. We knew how to suffer, it was not easy. It seemed easy, but it was difficult. We were very patient “

His dribbles: “I think a lot about improvisation. I saw a lot of people in red and I was passing (laughs). I always do what my head asks. If I'm with the ball, I defend the ball with me.”

Champions: “Madrid grows in the finals. If your friend gives everything, you give it too. Motivation makes you feel good, you grow in the match. The finals must be won anyway.”