Marcelo: “Before the final of the Twelfth, the team had great anxiety”

The second captain of Real Madrid, Marcelo, has been on RMTV on the day of the third anniversary of the twelfth Champions League of the white team and remember that final. A final in which the Brazilian said that “the team had great anxiety because it came from defending the title. There were many doubts outside, “he stressed. However, Marcelo made it clear that: “we knew that we could win and make history. We suffered, but we played very well. We were very happy. “

On the rival, Juventus, who had only received three goals in the entire championship and conceded four in that final, Marcelo assured that “the team always knew what had to be done, it was always united. We knew we could fit in but we had to be stronger than them to hold on. You can never think that a goal is easy ”.

A goal from Marcelo to Real Sociedad

Finally, he was also asked about the return of LaLiga and the last eleven games that remain to the championship and noted: “We are improving. We have had very difficult moments, without training, without football, without contacts. We have decided that there have to be eleven finals, that you have to give everything to win.