Marcelino is the desired one for the celestial bench

The name of Marcelino García Toral has been on Felipe Miñambres' table for several months. The Asturian coach It is an old desire of the olívica board of directors, especially of the general director, Antonio Chaves. The relationship between both parties has been fluid for a long time and in recent days it has intensified to test him for the future.

The delicate situation of Óscar García, who is on the tightrope and will play his continuity in the next three games, leads Celta to anticipate a possible dismissal scenario. In that sense, Marcelino is the number one target to start a new project, although the Asturian's high cache makes the operation complex. In addition, it asks for maximum power in decision-making.

Marcelino's long career on the LaLiga benches seduces the celestial board of directors to straighten the course of a ship that has been destabilized in the last two years. Further, Another point in favor is that he got the best version of Denis at Villarreal and Mina at Valencia, the two big bets of the 'Operation Return'.

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* Data updated as of October 24, 2020

However, the well-known difficulty of signing Marcelino forces Celta to look for other alternatives. In that aspect, Abelardo and Michel's names ring out loud again. Both are without a team and have entered into talks with Celta in the recent past.. The contacts will intensify from Monday even more in case of celestial defeat in the Ciutat de Valencia.