Marcela Topor, Puigdemont’s wife, renews her program paid for by the Barcelona Provincial Council: 6,000 a month in public money

Marcela Topor She complains on her social networks because the flight that takes her to Brussels to see her husband is an hour and a half late in the Belgian capital and on top of that she is locked inside the plane for two hours because the ground staff are not prepared. Puigdemont’s wife She looks like a victim but in reality she is a textbook plug-in.

And the worst thing is that Topor can go from plugged in to very plugged in thanks to the fact that the vote of Junts, the party that supports her husband, is necessary for her to Pedro Sanchez renew as a tenant in Moncloa.

In exchange, the president of the Government will have to go under the table football to the laughter of the former president of the Generalitat, who in addition to the amnesty and perhaps a referendum demanded that the socialist leader renew the scandalous labor contract that fills the pockets of the former Catalan first lady for presenting the program The Weekly Mag, a two-hour weekly program (in English) that has no audience (12,000 people watch it) but for which she has been charging 6,000 euros per month for the past five years.

In other words, at the moment Topor has taken from the Barcelona council (which is the one who pays) about 300,000 euros of public money just for that. The deputation depends on Pedro Sánchez’s party. On September 30, The Weekly Mag broadcast the first program after the summer holidays.

It is not the only bite from Marcela Topor, Puigdemont’s love since twenty years ago the politician fell in love with the Romanian woman, a philology student and actress, who came to Spain from Bucharest to participate in a theater festival that depended on him. .

As we already said, they were married in the Orthodox rite and after becoming Mrs. Pucho she moved into journalism, of course, working in the media where her husband worked. La enchufada was hired as host of the program Catalan Conections, from Punt Avui TV. When he arrived from Romania he didn’t even speak Catalan, and he took an intensive course. Now, as you can imagine, she is the number one defender of her husband’s language and in her articles she urges that Spain, which has the rotating presidency of the EU council, make Catalan an official language in Europe. Of course, the two daughters she has with Puigdemont, who have enrolled in an expensive school in Brussels, have chosen the Spanish line (not English or French). Topor is one of those who give the shop assistants who serve her in Spanish a hard time.

As we anticipated weeks ago, the teenage daughters of the former president of the Generalitat have started this course closer to Waterloo, where he resides. They tried two years ago at a French school in the Belgian town but it didn’t go well and they returned to the family chalet in Gerona, armored and protected by eight police officers.