Marbella presents its future stadium with 18,000 spectators

The incomparable Espigón de Levante in Puerto Banús was the setting where the Marbella Football Club and the Marbella Town Hall presented with solemnity the project for a new stadium designed by the club and its new property. The goal is for it to become a new milestone for both the club and the city.

We return to the words of Óscar Ribot, CEO of Best of You in a recent interview with Diario As. “Everyone asks me about the new stadium. We have been working on it for a long time. We handle the times well. It is an idea that lives up to Marbella. Despite the fact that we are going through this unfortunate stage (the pandemic) and the entire economy has been convulsed by this situation, we continue to work. The day we present this new stadium project that we have, people are going to be satisfied because it will be up to Marbella. Same place, same place but starting from scratch ”.

The act was sober and brilliant. Introduced by Manolo Cardeña, the Councilor for Sports, who stressed that Marbella would be the “city of football. We already are. 88,000 hotel nights were closed thanks to football. We are all excited to have a new Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas ”.

Cardeña gave way to Óscar Ribot. “On November 19, 2018 Best of You took on a project and we decided to build this club. 20 months later we can say that Marbella already has a great soccer club. We were all disappointed by the elimination from the playoff. But this shirt does not understand failures and it does understand raising your head. The new Marbella stadium was the top priority ”(at this moment the model is presented. Applause). “It must be an icon of our city. It is a viable, credible project and in keeping with the urban planning of this area. We want to solve the huge parking problem. A sustainable environmental project

Immediately the proposal arrived and, we must say it, this stage of the future has a formidable goal. “It is more than a stadium, an urban jewel, a tourist landmark. We have already taken the first step after a year working on this project. We will abide by the road map set by the City Council ”.

Shift for the mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz. “It is a great project and presenting it right now speaks volumes about the seriousness of those who have presented it. Marbella has a great serious project. Now begins the path that we must all travel together. A project of this nature carries a huge private investment and institutional support. The project is opened to the public so that we all share it and feel it. The image of a soccer team says a lot about the city. The full City Council will be working side by side. Congratulations for continuing to think big ”.

What will this stadium be like? We already said it at the beginning of the speeches. Modern, useful and functional. It will have a capacity of 18,000 spectators. The current one does not exceed 6,000 and is very old. If Marbella had promoted to Second, they should have gone to play, possibly, at La Rosaleda.

It will also help in one of the big problems that this city has, parking. The venue will have 2,000 seatss. It will also have commercial areas. This work, on the basis of the usual stadium, will not break urban planning in the area at all. Great news for Marbella and the Marbella Soccer Club. Now there are the necessary procedures to make its construction a close reality. How long? About two years.