Mar Flores' overwhelming confession: “Life has put me in many situations where I couldn't breathe”

The start of 2024 is being complicated for Sea Flowers. The model, who had been away from the media spotlight for some time, has once again made headlines in the social chronicle after the prominence that her son is acquiring Carlo Constanzia in recent weeks (due to his controversial interview on Telecinco and the 'caught' of the actor kissing with Alejandra Rubio). In the midst of the media hurricane surrounding his first-born child, Mar announced this Wednesday his breakup with the businessman. ElÃas Sacal. To overcome this frenetic start to the year, Javier Merino's ex puts herself to the test every Friday in the famous Talent Show on Antena 3, presented by Roberto Leal. In the last program, the businesswoman surprised the rest of the contestants with a shocking confession.

In the new installment of the Atresmedia space, Carlo Constanzia's mother faced apnea, one of the most complex tests of the contest. In rehearsals, the actress revealed that she is afraid of water because of a bad experience. “Once I almost drowned and when I am underwater I repeat that sensation. It is awful“, he revealed this Friday night in The Challenge.

With the help of the test coach, Mar Flores achieved the best time of the entire edition: 3 minutes 34 seconds. By surpassing herself, the actress confessed: “Life has put me in many situations where I couldn't breathe and where my heart was strained and I had to reinvent myself.“.

The model's triumph provoked a wave of reactions from the jury and the rest of the contestants, who praised Mar's great effort in this test. Specific, Raquel Sanchez Silva (also aspiring to win the program) dedicated some exciting words to his partner. “Many times circumstances or certain people have not treated you well and you have resisted, and what you have done here has been resist“said the presenter.

Her breakup with Elías Casal

Sea Flowers announced in the middle of Valentine's Day that her relationship with the Mexican businessman ElÃas Sacal It's already history: “Singles are also happy”, he wrote on his social networks. Likewise, Javier Merino's ex shared a message on her Instagram profile where she stressed that love is everywhere. “You don't need to have a partner to give and receive love”, he pointed out. He thus confirmed his breakup with Elías Sacal, with whom he has been involved in an on-again, off-again relationship for several years. The last time we saw them together was last Christmas. The businessman and the model spent a few days in the Caribbean after having reconciled in the summer.