“Many clubs want Saúl, but he is already in a big one”

Saúl is one of the most sought-after footballers in Atlético and in the entire European continent. For years there have been great clubs interested in him, although he has never really been seen on the starting ramp. Manchester United is always the most interesting, but it does not seem feasible this summer either. Jonathan Barnett, from the agency that represents the footballer, spoke about the situation of the international, who It does not seem that he will move away from Atleti any time soon …

In statements to Sport Witness, the agent explained: “Someone like Saúl does not need anyone to press him (to leave). It is very good and everyone knows that many clubs want it. But he is already in a very big club. He has a very good relationship with Atlético de Madrid and with the fans. “

Athletic Shield / Flag

“Every good player is linked to other clubs. Some agents may want to do that and if they need the press to do something, then they are not very good at their job,” he analyzed the information that comes out regarding Saúl's future.

This week, in addition, some mattress fans have feared that the footballer would say goodbye Atlético. False alarm. After his message that he was going to announce “his new club”, it was finally a base soccer team in Elche. Saúl is one of the props of this Atleti. Unquestionable piece of Simeone, for whom he is the most used footballer.