Manuel Vizcaíno: “The market is completely stopped”

Cádiz is one of the teams most affected by the saturation of the squad. The yellows still need to release eight players, but the market, at the moment, is not moving much. The president of Cádiz, Manuel Vizcaino, spoke in the Free and Direct program of Radio Sevilla about the state of the market and the arrival of the club to LaLiga Santander.

Cadiz Shield / Flag

Vizcaíno is clear that until the market is coming to an end, nothing will be clear. “The market is completely stopped. We have an over-staffing problemLike other clubs, and let's hope that the tree moves in the last few days and apples begin to fall because if not, the situation is complicated. “

As for the possible arrival of discards from Sevilla, the president affirms that “we are improving. Any dismissal of Sevilla, with the level it has, would be a great reinforcement for Cádiz. We are lucky to have a direct line because we have a good relationship. “

The president of Cádiz knows that permanence will be complicated, but he also considers that the most difficult thing they have already achieved, promotion. “I think it is more difficult to get into LaLiga Santander than to stay. That does not mean that it will be easy, in the first game they painted our faces and in the second, being us, we played a very good game. I hope that being us we manage to maintain ourselves. For me the Second Division is more complicated because it is a very even category, where budgets are not very good.”.

Finally, he analyzed the game system of Cádiz: “We rely on a clean sheet, defend ourselves and hit the peck when we can because we understand that it is the best way to win. The football that I like is when my team wins. We have spent four years in the First Division always pushing for promotion until we have achieved it ”.